Taking a Chance on Color with Color Maximalism

Maximalism is a celebration of personality and self-expression. Today on the blog, we explore an important aspect of the maximalism trend: color. 

What is Maximalist Design?

Maximalist design is all about expressing who you are and what you love, through use of pattern, texture, color, and decor. In a recent Interview with Curbed, Dabito, a designer and founder of the popular blog Old Brand New, speaks to the resurgence of interest in maximalist spaces.

“I think people are just craving personality, craving something different…We live in small spaces, small apartments…Being a maximalist is letting go of the minimalist ideal. There no design rules. It’s having fun with a space and just putting things in a space that makes you happy and makes it feel cozier.”- Dabito

Understanding Color Maximalism

Ample color use is a hallmark of the maximalist design trend. Think rich jewel tones, eye-catching metallics, and vivid florals. Beyond bold color use, the color maximalism trend hinges on bold and unexpected color pairings and palettes

To inspire a maximalist color scheme of your very own, look no further than your surroundings. Color inspiration can be found everywhere from a park to a shopping mall. If you’re still not sure where to start, consider taking a trip to a paint store and collecting swatches that stand out to you.

If it’s your first go at creating a maximalism-inspired color palette, consider testing the trend out in a small space, such as a powder room or mudroom. If you’re feeling bolder, the ceiling is another area where an unexpected burst of color can go a long way. Just make sure you incorporate the overhead color into the rest of the space, to keep the ceiling from looking too arbitrary. You can tie your ceiling hue into the rest of the room using throw pillows, art, and other accessories.

Color Maximalism in Professional Designs

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