Virtual Market: Vishion’s Response to COVID-19

Closed showrooms and postponed events, like High Point Market, have forced a hands-on interior design community to adapt with technology. Vishion invites brands and designers to “exhibit” on the app with Vishion Virtual Market. A series of live, online sessions, beginning April 13, keep the design world connected in a new way like never before. 


COVID-19 and the Birth of Vishion Virtual Market

In an ever-evolving situation, the COVID-19 crisis got real in Vishion’s hometown on Tuesday, March 24. In an announcement from Mecklenburg county officials, a stay-at-home order was mandated in Charlotte, NC until at least April 16, 2020.

This type of announcement is happening everyday around the world in response to this fast-growing pandemic. The new restrictions force interior design showrooms, furniture and fabric storefronts, and other “non-essential” businesses to shutter, leaving these companies and the design community searching for ways to adapt to this changing world.

The Vishion team and I felt like it was important to take action as soon as possible. We want to give you, our community, the tools for a comprehensive virtual market. The initiative seeks to keep us all connected, inspiring design, driving continued sales, and let’s face it, occupied. This is how Vishion Virtual Market was born. – Samantha Smith, Vishion Founder & CEO. 


Samantha Smith, Vishion Founder & CEO

Vishion Virtual Market

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We are inviting brands that typically rely on events like High Point Market or showrooms to exhibit virtually with Vishion. After you create a brand profile on the Vishion app, start exhibiting by adding boards with the tag #virtualmarket so designers can easily find you.

Post multiple exhibits over the 21 days to share new products with the design community. Make sure to share your participation with your community to get the most “likes” during Vishion Virtual Market. Although Vishion boards are created on an app, they can be shared and seen by anyone through social media and a URL. To trend, share boards outside of Vishion.

Click on this image to see a shared board from Kravet.

Home brands interested in exhibiting can learn more here and join us for a Virtual Market webinar on Friday, March 27. If you would like to attend, register for the webinar by signing up here. 


Attendees can visit the Virtual Market using the Vishion app from the safety of their own home; liking and sharing exhibits created by home design brands using the #virtualmarket tag on the Vishion app. The 10 most trending exhibits of Virtual Market will be highlighted the week of April 13th, when Vishion will host live online sessions from brands and industry experts.

Click the image to see one of Maureen Steven’s Vishion boards. Maureen Stevens is the 2020 Vishion Design Award winner.

We are encouraging interior designers and design lovers that attend Virtual Market to set up their own profiles, showcasing personal portfolios with the Vishion community. The bigger we grow our community, the more designs and inspiration we’ll have to explore.

To receive updates about Virtual Market, whether it’s virtual session announcements or seeing which exhibits are trending, register your interest to attend here.

Learn – Virtual Sessions

Understanding the strain this pandemic is putting on brands and designers, we are hosting Virtual Sessions to help the design community thrive digitally. Vishion will provide a forum for all attendees to discuss how small businesses can transition to a virtual marketplace. Some of the virtual sessions include:

Register your interest in attending Virtual Market and we’ll give you include you in our Virtual Sessionsschedule announcement.

  Let us know you’re interested in hosting a virtual session here.

Learn More

As a small business owner, I know how challenging it is to navigate this unbelievably stressful and unexpected situation. If we can play a part to help, then we live up to our continued mission of being a virtual asset to design lovers.

Learn more about Virtual Market at vishion.co/virtualmarket and register your interest in attending here.

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