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If you love color, Vishion will help you explore it in a totally new way. On February 26th, we are giving Vishion users the ability to share their portfolios and find the latest interior designs by color and category

We are giving access to dozens of users before everyone else through a two-week beta of our social platform. Hand-selected users will be able to build their portfolios before everyone else. Please request early access if you are a designer or architect, or interior photographer.

Soon, our entire community will be able to share beautiful spaces and their color palettes through public boards, tagging any collaborator and highlighting any special products or ideas.

Share your “Vishion”

In a few weeks, all designers, hotels, architects, restaurants, and photographers are invited to showcase their designs on Vishion. Our social platform, specifically made for the design community and those it serves, allowing designers and design lovers to explore the latest designs and colors in a new way. Whether a user wants to moodboard, share a board privately with a client, or promote their brand, this new social media channel provides a unique way to explore the world of interior design.



Why Share?

There are three ways you can use Vishion to help your business.

1. Showcase your portfolio with potential clients & the community

Vishion’s new shareable boards feature gives you the chance to promote your brand and your designs in one place! Showcase your past projects and share with potential clients and the community.

2. Moodboard future designs

The Vishion app makes moodboarding easy and fast. Search for colors from Pantone and Sherwin-Williams or Vishion’s infinite color palette. Create Boards featuring your chosen color palette and search for products in a specific shade. Upload Inspirational images or products not featured on the Vishion app.

3. Send designs to clients

With shareable boards, users have the ability to set their boards to public or private. With the private setting, the boards are only visible to you and anyone you choose to tag. This capability makes it easy to brainstorm and mood-board without releasing it to the general public. Tagging others is possible at any point; as you move through the design process, you can share with a client whenever you are ready. And, if you want to share a completed board with everyone, just set your board to “public”.

Other Features:

  1. Search Designs By Color
  2. Search Designs By Hashtag
  3. Find new designers to follow with Trending designs

Coming Soon:

The new ability to share your designs and boards on Vishion rolls out on February 25. Stay tuned for tips, tricks, and more information.


Want to get in early? Click here to request early access to these new features.


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