Announcing the Grand Prize Winner of the 2020 Vishion Design Awards. Celebrating the work of extraordinary Interior Designers and the palettes they create, The Vishion Design Awards Grand Prize Winner, Maureen Stevens, exemplifies complexity in design and creativity.

Maureen Stevens

2020 Vishion Design Award Winner


Interior design from Maureen Stevens
Photo Courtesy of Peter Molick

From pops of color on fabric and wallpaper to a pristine, clean color palette that is inviting, yet stylish, Maureen Stevens is our 2020 Vishion Design Award Winner. Stevens’ design business is based in New Orleans, LA; however, she splits her time between NOLA and Austin, TX. Her designs can be found in homes throughout the country and featured in The Wall Street Journal, The Associated Press, House Beautiful, HGTV Magazine, and more.

“I love a room of storytellers. Pieces that act as little mementos, curiosities and artifacts all throughout the house that reminds us of amazing experiences, or your favorite books that inspire you daily, to a tasteful display of artwork from your kids to put a smile on your face.”

– Maureen Stevens 

The Winning Design: The Van Buren Home

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About the Design:

“My clients were a young, newlywed couple, and this was their first home purchase. The home was a 1920s Victorian with great bones and original details but an interior that was in need of a fresh look. I worked with the couple to decorate the house with electric furniture and bold wallpaper because that really reflected their style and playfulness. The bold & colorful wallpaper in the foyer provided a warm welcome for visitors and helped set the stage for the rest of the house.” – Maureen Stevens, Principal Interior Designer.

Color Palette:

Maureen Stevens
Maureen Stevens

“I used Bauhaus gold for the accent dining room chairs, which tied in with the yellow tone in the foyer wallpaper. I also used Emerald green for the kitchen tiles and Article sofa. The emerald green also went well in the kitchen because of all the green foliage you see outside the sunroom. I used SW 7005 Pure White by Sherwin-Williams in the sunroom and both bedrooms I designed. I used Gray Owl by Benjamin Moore for the family room walls and the Anthropologie sofa and ottoman. In the bathrooms, I used SW 6258 Tricorn Black by Sherwin-Williams. ” – Maureen Stevens, Principal Interior Designer.

Design Challenges:

“Everything was done remotely. I was in Austin at the time, the clients were in Chicago, and the project was in Houston. We had to complete several room renovations of a 100-year-old home, and the clients were extremely busy, so the little amount of time I had with them was precious. They would tell me a little bit of what they wanted here, and there I had to put together the pieces to make their “Vishion” come to life.” – Maureen Stevens, Principal Interior Designer.

See more from Maureen Stevens by checking out or website or on Instagram.

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