I Know My Personality Color (find out yours too)

Find out what your Personality Color is and what it says about you at vishion.co/mycolor

human eye color

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Did you know the human eye can see over 10,000,000 colors? Color isn’t as unique as a fingerprint, but there are so many different shades that it’s easy to give each person a color to represent their personality. Whether your assertive, caring, punctual, or private, you can associate a color with every kind of personality.

Vishion has selected a color for every personality type for every day of the year. All you need to do is let us know your birthday and we can tell you what your color is and what it means. My birthday is March 21 and my color is Entrepreneurial Green!

Use your color

You can explore your Personality Color with Vishion! We automatically show you which Sherwin-Williams paint color or product matches your personality color. Find out your color and start a search instantly. If you’re considering new curtains, art, or paint color for a room in your home, you can explore any home product in your color using Vishion.

My Sherwin-Williams paint color is Parisian Patina SW 9041. Vishion also found this Amara pillow to match my Personality Color.

Find your family color palette

Don’t stop at just your color, check out the personality colors for each of your favorite people! The palette below represents the colors of my family based on their birthdays. If your curious, my family’s colors are:

  • May 31: Loving Green
  • April 16: Bold Blue
  • June 6: Role-Model Orange
  • June 11: Sincere Yellow

My family’s palette based on Vishion’s Personality Color tool

You can save your family colors to a Vishion board and plan your next home project! All you have to do is click the palette button on the Personality Color page to save each color.

Share Your Color & Tag Vishion!

Does your personality color perfectly describe you or someone you love? Share your color on social media and tag Vishion! Vishion creates images for your Instagram Story, Facebook page, or Twitter so you can easily share your color. Let others know how they can find their color by sharing vishion.co/mycolor and tag @VishionCo! We love to love your Personality Color!

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