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If you love color, Vishion will help you explore it in a totally new way. Vishion users now have the ability to share their portfolios and find the latest interior designs by color and category

Share your “Vishion”

Vishion social is for everyone. We’re inviting interior designers, hotels, architects, restaurants, brands, photographers and design lovers to showcase their designs and color palettes on Vishion. Our social platform, specifically made for the design community and those it serves, allows designers and design lovers to explore the latest designs and colors in a new way. Whether a user wants to mood board, share a board privately with a client, or promote their brand, this new social media channel provides a unique way to explore the world of interior design.

Why Share?

These are the three ways you can use Vishion:

1. Showcase your portfolio with potential clients & the community

Vishion’s new shareable boards feature gives you the chance to promote your brand and your designs in one place! Showcase your past projects and share them with potential clients and the community.

2. Mood board future designs

The Vishion app makes mood boarding easy and fast. Search for colors from Pantone and Sherwin-Williams or Vishion’s infinite color palette. Create Boards featuring your chosen color palette and search for products in a specific shade. Upload inspirational images or products not featured on the Vishion app.

3. Send designs to clients

With shareable boards, users have the ability to set their boards to public or private. With the private setting, the boards are only visible to you and anyone you choose to tag. This capability makes it easy to brainstorm and mood-board without releasing it to the general public. Tagging others is possible at any point; as you move through the design process, you can share your creation with a client whenever you are ready. And, if you want to share a completed board with everyone, just set your board to “public”.


Another new feature of Vishion’s Shareable boards is the ability to tag and search color palettes. At Vishion, we love color and these features will make searching for inspirational designs easy!

How To Tag Your Designs:

  1. When adding a new board, you will see a + sign that says “Add Tags” Click it!
  2. A list of hashtags will appear on the screen
  3. Click as many tags as applicable to your project
  4. Finished adding? Click “done”!
  5. You will now see your tags on the create a board screen

Searching For Tagged Designs:

Looking for design inspiration? Want to see how other Interior Designers are using Classic Blue in a kitchen? Vishion Social makes research quick and easy!

  1. In the Vishion app, click the “V” to take you to Vishion Social’s home page
  2. In the search bar, begin typing the inspiration you are looking for
    1. Example: Living room, mood board, bedroom, etc.
  3. Done typing what you need? Click on boards
  4. Vishion Social will search boards that have been tagged with your desired search

Trending Designs

Love your design? Is it ready to share with the Vishion community? Set your board to public to share and explore!

If your design gets the most likes in a 24-hour-period, your design will be in the trending section the following day. Why does this matter? Trending boards will be seen by every person that longs into the Vishion app! Just another way that Vishion Social gives you the tools to grow your business and get your projects seen by the design community.

Vishion Tips

Pulling Colors From an Image: When uploading a featured image to a new board, drag the circle on the image to choose your first color. Want to pull more colors from the image? Click the eyedropper on the bottom right for additional options. When you’ve chosen your colors (up to 5) click “Add Colors to Board” on the bottom. Vishion will take you back to the create a board screen. You will see your featured image and color palette choices. Click on any of the color circles at any time to find products in that hue on Vishion, mark as the dominant color in the palette, or delete from your page.

Love a Color You See? If you’re searching for trending designs or new boards and you come across a color you love, Vishion makes it easy to explore and save it. Click the color circle and Vishion shows you the HEX value. Swipe up to view compliments and create color palettes, or search products and designs or add to a new or existing board. Vishion makes it easy to keep track of your favorite colors and find that perfect hue you’ve been searching for. 

Link to your website or design! Vishion social helps you grow your business by allowing you to link your projects and palettes back to your website or social media. When creating a board, simply add your website in the appropriate field. As users scroll through their feeds for design inspiration, they can click to your website to see additional projects or contact you. As the Vishion community grows, adding your website helps clients find you and


Share Your Design: Want to share your design with a client or collaborator? Click the share button (located next to the like button when viewing a board). When you share a board, a URL is generated that you can send to your clients, collaborators or friends! Even if they don’t have the Vishion app, they will still be able to see your mood board and design! Like a design by someone else? Want to send it to your Client or Interior Designer? You can share other users’ boards for design inspiration!


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About the Author: Vita DeCeglio


Vita is an Emmy-nominated journalist that has a passion for creative content and color. Inspired by the places she travels and the products she loves, Vita’s design style is transitional with a little edge.



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