Pantone’s palette of the week features an unadulterated medley of deeply saturated colors, including Living Coral. We’ve gathered 8 designs to show you how designers are incorporating the brilliant colors into their designs.

Pantone’s Trippy palette is joy, fun, and spontaneity realized. It includes hues like Sulphur Spring, Pink Lemonade, Chive Blossom, and Vivacious—all of which share a certain irrepressibility. Below, view our inspirational guide, featuring designs and products inspired by the brilliant colors in the Trippy palette. 





Designs in the Brillant Colors of Pantone’s Trippy

One way to moderate the drama of the Trippy color palette is to pair it with neutral tones. If you prefer to play up the drama of this energetic palette, you can supplement with patterned wallpaper, textured accents, or a painted ceiling as shown below. 

Art by Jen Sievers; design by Greenhouse Interiors


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Design by Summer Thornton


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Design via Furnishing International




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Chicago Co-Op at 1500 designed by interior designer Summer Thornton featuring cerulean blue french boiserie paneling in farrow and ball St Giles blue. Summer Thornton Design works on projects nationwide from their Chicago interior design firm headquarters.




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Products in Pantone’s Trippy

Rather than filling your space with these brilliant colors, look to furniture and accents to dip your toe into Pantone’s Trippy palette. Below, you’ll see some of the products that we found using the Vishion app and the colors of the Trippy palette. 

Lawson Sofa in Pink Lemonade from Apt2B
Andorra Toss Pillow in Sunset via Apt2B


Palampore in Coral via Kravet
Wine Cabinet via Dust Furniture


Once in Yellow & Blue by Ronald Hunter; found on Zatista


Getting Inspired by Trippy

Inspiration for your design can be found anywhere. Find the brilliant colors from this palette in a coral reef on the ocean floor, an exotic fruit platter, or within a bouquet of dahlias. With Vishion, you can find products, paints, or fabrics by a specific color. Wherever you go, your palette will be there with you.


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