The principle aim of feng shui is to use layout, decor, and color to shift the energy in your living and working environments. Today on the blog, we explore the ancient practice of feng shui as it relates to color.

Feng Shui is a traditional practice that was developed more than 3,000 years ago in ancient China. At first glimpse, the philosophy behind it can seem complex and mystifying; in reality, Feng Shui entails a series of simple practices, geared at making the home more logical and organized. 

Design by Maureen Stevens

Color is one of the easiest ways to shift the energy in your home or workspace in order to create good feng shui. Keep reading to find out how to use color to promote better balance, energy flow, health, and happiness in your home.


Fire Colors: Red, Orange, Yellow, Purple & Pink

Fire colors are best suited to spaces where you want to encourage liveliness, energy, activity, and conversation, such as the dining room or workout room. If you work in a creative profession, you could also consider a fire color for your office or workspace. Since these are such strong colors, you might find them overwhelming in the scale of an entire room. In this case, consider using a fire color for a hallway or as an accent wall.

Vishion’s Favorite Fire Colors by Sherwin-Williams

Earth Colors: Gold, Light Yellow, Brown/Sand Tones & Beige/Skin Tones

Design by Summer Thornton

Earth tones err on the side of neutral and are reminiscent of stability, peace, protection, and inner balance. As such, earth tones should be used in areas of your home that you wish you feel approachable, such as your living room, kitchen, or bedroom.

Vishion’s Favorite Earth Colors by Sherwin-Williams

Water Colors: Blue & Black

Water colors represent calm, purity, and freshness, and are known to encourage concentration, contemplation, and creation. Blue is known to slow the heart rate, while black is weighty and pacifying. Bedrooms, living rooms, and workspaces are well-suited to the color blue and black can be used in an accent sense as a grounding element. Water colors are also recommended for a child’s bedroom.

Vishion’s Favorite Water Colors by Sherwin-Williams

Metal Colors: White, Gray & Metallics

Design by Garrison Hullinger

White, gray, and metallic colors are associated with purity, precision, efficiency, and focus. According to feng shui, metal colors are recommended for the foyer, bathroom, and office or workspace. Because these stark neutrals complement the colors of food, metal colors are also well suited to the kitchen and dining areas.

Vishion’s Favorite Sherwin-Williams Metal Colors

Wood Colors: Green & Brown

Design by Emily Blanchard featuring Basil SW 6194

Wood colors allude to vitality, growth, and healing. As such, spaces that incorporate wood colors are thought to encourage decisiveness, motivation, vitality, and even prosperity. Wood colors could work in most rooms in the home, including the foyer, living room, dining room, bedroom, and office or workspace. Wood colors are also recommended for a child’s bedroom.

Vishion’s Favorite Wood Colors by Sherwin Williams

Use Vishion To Optimize Your Feng Shui With Color


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