“When we considered how a color search engine could help our users, we thought about how interior design projects come together from beginning to end. From finding a color you love to creating a palette and mood board, we believe color is the thread that ties an idea together from vision to completion”

— Samantha Smith, founder and CEO of Vishion

Our Promiseto Vishion Users

Our goal is to have a colorful destination for design lovers to share their projects and find inspiration from other community members.

As a design-focused technology company, we want to make sure we are always focused on supporting the craft of interior design. If you ever feel we aren’t living up to this, please let us know.

That’s why we are upfront in promising to our users that we will:

• Never use an image placed on the Vishion app without the direct permission of the image’s owner

• Never sell products based on images from users

• Allow users to remove their photographs at will

• Always have channels for our users to contact Vishion leadership with any concerns

The trust and confidence of our community is what drives our actions, decisions and future plans. Always feel welcome to add your voice to help guide Vishion’s roadmap.

The Vishion Team

Ways to get in Touch

Join our Community

If you're a designer or architect, join our private Vishion community. Here we openly discuss topics and questions as a group.

Email Sam

Email Vishion Founder & CEO Samantha Smith directly with any concerns or feedback.

Connect on Linkedin

Sometimes, you want to message through a trusted platform. We encourage you to connect with Sam on Linkedin and send her a message.