What criteria will we use for judging your submission?

Here is a breakdown of what will be considered:

  • Color Palette Complexity: How have you utilized a complexity of color in your design?
  • Quality: Overall level of craftsmanship and skill
  • Creativity & Innovation: What design challenges did you have and how did you address them?
  • Wow’ Factor: Is your design stunning?
  • Personal Story: What can you tell us about why you became a designer and why design is important to you?
  • Social Activity: Additional consideration will be given to entrants who actively showcase elements of their entered design on their social media channels.

Vishion celebrates the irreplaceable creativity of interior designers, aiming to elevate and support their initiatives to design unique and colorful spaces.

You must be an interior designer actively working with clients to enter. Entrants must be over 18 and a resident of the United States.

What criteria will we use for judging your submission?

You must:

  • Actively maintain a website
  • Be, either, submitting a design you created yourself, submitting a design you created in partnership with up to two other designers (who are named in the entry and themselves meet all other criteria for eligibility) or the recipient of a nomination (and accept that nomination by completing the entry package.)
  • Submit at least five (5) images of your design (at least three [3] must be photos of a completed space)
  • Submit a color palette associated with your design
  • Have all rights to use the design you submitted and any associated photography or other collateral elements.

Submissions Open

November 15th, 2019 until January 17th, 2020, at 11:59 pm ET. Winners will be announced in February 2020.

Vishion will narrow down all the entrants to a maximum of 25 total finalists. The Vishion Design Award judging panel will review and determine the Regional Category Winners and the Grand Prize Winner.

Vishion is a mobile application that helps interior designers find decor, art, furniture, tile, and fabric by specific color. We've feature Sherwin-Williams and Pantone colors to help design lovers search using their favorite hues.