Design Spotlight: Nomad Collection from Mitchell Black

Here at Vishion, we’re always on the lookout for brands that know how to put color to work. Today on the blog, we’re taking a look back at one of our favorites: the Nomad Collection by Mitchelle Black, released in 2017. Keep reading to find out more about the collection, which features a selection of high-design wallpapers and bamboo floor mats, inspired by various vintage Asian, North African, and Austrian tile and textiles. 


The Nomad collection was designed with travel and adventure in mind. Designs featured in this collection are colorful and pattern-heavy, without sacrificing elegance. Below, we spotlight some of our favorite designs from Mitchell Black’s ever-growing compilation of patterns that put color to work.

Inspired by Wildlife

Like most trends, animal-inspired prints have cycled in and out of popularity over the years. 2019 has been a year that favors bold choices in interior design, and as such, designers are going one step further than incorporating animal-inspired markings into their designs, opting instead for repeat images of entire animals.

Inspired by Plant Life

Patterns inspired by flowers and foliage have always been a popular choice for wallpaper, but this year’s trend forecast calls for botanical prints with a vintage twist. 

Inspired by Tiles

If you’re attracted to the ornate look of Turkish tiles, you’ll love the Ottoman Jewel pattern, available in a range of vibrant colors and limited edition lots. 

Pulling Off Patterned Wallpaper in Your Space

Contrary to common belief, a patterned wall or two can actually make a space seem larger. If you’re working with a larger space with high ceilings and plenty of natural light, don’t shy away from using large patterns, which will lend your space visual intrigue and dimension. Subtler prints and fine textures tend to be better suited to small spaces. If you’ve never worked with wallpaper before, ensure you start with a small tester area or opt for a professional installer. 

About Mitchell Black

Founded in 2012, Mitchell Black is a home decor brand featuring American-made, custom and bespoke wall treatments, as well as other home accents, such as designer flooring, decorative pillows and specialty candles. The unique style curated by the Mitchell Black design team is a marriage of traditional art forms with contemporary lifestyle concepts, effectively setting the Mitchell Black brand apart from others in the industry. To shop wall treatments and other home goods from Mitchell Black, check out their website
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