8 Interiors in Sherwin-Williams’ Unity

Sherwin-Williams’ palette of the week is comprised of 12 memorable pops of peacock-esque color. This article explores the themes and concepts that inspired the Unity palette and related professional designs. 


Sherwin-Williams’ Unity is influenced by themes such as roaming, transculturalism, community, artisanal crafts and Indigenous patterns. This palette is meant to be a reflection of contemporary society and the mass inclination towards boundary-breaking, adventure, and everyday nomadism. If the complexity of this palette appeals to you, check out our inspirational guide below, featuring designs in Unity.


Tips and Tricks for Decorating with Color

When it comes to interior design, color is a really powerful tool. That said, committing to color can be scaryespecially when it’s in your home’s interior, where you’ll interact with it every day. If you’re hesitant to use bold paint colors right away, dip your toe into bright colors by way of subtle shades and small home accents, such as accent pillows and artwork. Another way to experiment with color is via an accent wall. You can also work color into your space using patterned textiles, such as sofa or chair slipcovers, throws, and curtains. 

Design in Unity via Sherwin-Williams

Professional Designs in Unity

Using Vishion to Explore the Unity Color Palette

Are you curious about how Vishion can help you explore your favorite Sherwin-Williams paint colors? Download the Vishion app and take any of the colors from this palette to find fabric, wallpaper, furniture or art.

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