Designer Spotlight | Lowcountry Textiles from Emily Daws

With a current collection featuring steely blues, warm neutrals and pops of dusty pinks, the Lowcountry’s own Emily Daws Textiles embodies southern coastal design.

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From the cobblestone streets of Charleston to the beaches of Seabrook, Emily Daws Textiles embodies southern coastal design. She can provide you with anything upholstery or fabric, from throw pillows to napkins or even curtains.  Emily Daws, owner & designer, lives in the South Carolina Lowcountry where she designs, prints, and creates all of her textiles.  We asked Emily to talk about her designs that so many local and national interior designers use to complete their projects.  Scroll below to read more about her and see her beautiful designs.


1. Tell me a little bit about how you started Emily Daws Textiles.

It’s been quite the journey.  With my background in sewing and a degree in fashion design, I have always been drawn to fabrics.  When sourcing material for my dress collections, it proved difficult to find patterns in colors that inspired me.  I quickly knew that I wanted to learn more about the textile printing process in hopes of having more freedom in my dress designs.  In fact, this path rekindled my love for interiors and creating original, cohesive spaces.


2. What are your favorite colors to use when designing a new fabric?

I am very inspired by my environment and life in the Lowcountry. The pastel colors of historic Charleston homes to the beaches along the coast, I am drawn to a soft muted palette that works nicely in many home decor applications.  My current collection features steely blues and warm neutrals with pops of dusty pinks.


3.  What makes your designs unique?

I take beloved pieces and places of the Lowcountry and turn them into patterns, creating textiles with a subtle charm that can be appreciated well beyond the south.


4.  What is your favorite design at the moment?

The “Edisto” in my new Sea Island series, named after the popular beach town.  It was really fun to freely draw the shell silhouettes and enlarge them into abstract lines.  A favorite to use for shower curtains and wallpaper.


5.  Is there a specific vibe or theme to your design?

I would consider my designs to have a clean, modern coastal vibe.  Using simple motifs in branded color combinations, I hope that my work will evolve while remaining recognizable.


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