Halloween-Themed Pantone Palette Inspired by 9 Professional Designs

For our first Pantone palette of the week, we pay homage to Halloween and the prominent colors seen in fall interior design. This article explores interior and exterior designs in our curated Pantone palette.


We are craving more than a Pumpkin Spice Latte to fill our fall needs. The warm and muted tones featured in our Halloween-themed Pantone palette of the week are inspired by several season-specific tropes. We love the colors brought out by falls changing leaves, carved pumpkins, and grey skies. The versatility of this palette allows designers to emulate a variety of different moods. For a look that’s approachable and cozy, pair rich tones, such as Caramel Cafe and Fired Brick, alongside understated neutrals, such as London Fog and Peyote. Look no further than Black Beauty to lend a little drama to your design.

Interior Designs perfect for Halloween

Vishion is following the most colorful interior designers to see how they use colors similar to our Pantone palette shades in their interior design. Here are just a few examples of designs we love this week.

Design by Chris Loves Julia (source; Instagram)


Kristjanas Williams holiday home (source: Instagram)


Lauren Svenstrup interior design; (source: Instagram)


M. Elle Design (source: Instagram)


Design by CC-styling (source; Instagram)


Design by Dane Austin (source; Instagram)

Design by Lauren Liess (Source: Instagram)

Using Halloween to Improve Curb Appeal

Many of the hallmarks of autumn are typically found outdoors. As such, our Halloween-themed palette is perfectly suited to exterior home decor. Use the colors in this palette to decorate the outside of your home, improve your curb appeal, and compliment the colors occurring in nature.

Design by Kindred Vintage (source: Instagram)

Design by Studio McGee (sourced from Instagram)

Using Vishion to Explore this Color Palette

Download the Vishion app to explore any of the colors from this palette, create an inspiration board, and select complementary colors. Then, find fabric, wallpaper, furniture, or art to match!

Surya rug from Rug Studio, found using Vishion with Pantone’s Black Beauty;

Gracie Wall Sconce from Lulu & Georgia

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