Travel Palette | New Orleans History Meets Modern in Marigny Airbnb

New Orleans Airbnb steps from the French Quarter in Faubourg Marigny in an award-winning renovation of a historic shotgun.

I know of no place more colorful than New Orleans. But few realize that the colors used in the French Quarter are limited to just eight approved colors (so I’m told.) If you look closely, you can see that this is true. But the color rules relax a bit in the next neighborhood over, Faubourg Marigny (mare-eh-nee). Recently, I took my daughter on her first trip to the Crescent City and we chose a newly renovated (but historically faithful) Airbnb in a classic shotgun house.

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History with all the mod cons.

From the street, this New Orleans Airbnb looks like it must have looked when first built. The owner, along with her architect (BILD Design llc), worked with actual historic photos of the street and records of the house to ensure the building was returned to its original appearance. Inside, the guest space is completely modern with all the conveniences of the 21st century. There is even a beautiful (and very contemporary) pool in the back.

Historic color palette blends with contemporary.

While the street front of the shotgun is period, the rear of the house is very modern. These two environments are integrated in a seamless way by making good use of a deep lot, maximizing sight lines and incorporating a century jumping color palette. The historic part of the house uses a historic palette and the modern addition picks up and expands this palette by including similar colors in more modern hues. The house has received praise from New Orleans’ Historic District Landmarks Commission.

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Love this color palette?

The exteriors of this house include both historic and contemporary colors. You can find both from Sherwin-Williams. The historic wall color is Roycroft Pewter (SW 2848), historic trim is Roycroft Mist Gray (SW 2844) and the contemporary green accent is Center Stage (SW 6920)
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