New Color Search Technology Helps Interior Designers

Vishion, a Charlotte-based startup, explores how color can be used to make online furniture and décor search easier and more accurate.


Around 68 percent of designers say it takes at least an hour to search for décor and fabric by color online, according to the almost 500 interior designers who requested a chance to use the Vishion Beta.

Professionals aren’t the only people struggling. Over 55 percent of shoppers have abandoned a purchase due to color matching struggles, according to a Vishion study. When it comes to home design, color matters.

Vishion is the only technology available that allows interior design professionals and design enthusiasts alike to search for décor products by specific color across brands, making it easier to find furniture and décor based on their preferred color schemes.

The mobile app can pull a color from an image or use a specific color identifier to start a search across brands.

“Color is the starting point for most people when it comes to home design, but it has yet to be fully explored,” said Vishion Founder and CEO Samantha Smith. “We are going a step beyond simply helping our users search by color. Vishion is pioneering a new level of color accuracy in digital product representations to give our users confidence when selecting a product online.”

Vishion is working directly with textile providers and retailers to explore how the color search experience can be improved online. By gathering accurate color data on products, the startup strives to lessen returns and improve shopper satisfaction. According to a Vishion study, 47 percent of shoppers have returned an item based on color misrepresentation.

The startup has also partnered with the Sherwin-Williams Company, allowing users to find and use Sherwin-Williams paint colors to match furniture, art, wallpaper or other home decor. For those seeking decor inspiration, the app will suggest items to complement selected paint colors.

Vishion will invite a small number of users on the waitlist to try the app prior to its summer 2019 launch. Those interested in the chance to try Vishion prior to launch can join the waitlist at Vishion.co.




Vishion is the only mobile app that uses a product’s true color data combined with trends and user preferences to help designers and shoppers find the ideal decor match. Founded in 2017, Vishion is a Charlotte-based startup pioneering color search. Vishion’s mobile app is in beta and will fully launch this Summer.

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