14 Activities For A Perfect Staycation

Stuck at home this summer? Whether you have kids, a significant other, or are relaxing on your own, take the time to do something special this season. Here are a few out-of-the-box ideas that fit within the limitations set by 2020 but are still a whole lot of fun.

We can all agree that 2020 has been exhausting. At this point, every person in the world deserves a vacation. Unless you live on the lake or beach, it can be challenging to think of how to make Summer 2020 a special one. If you are creating the perfect staycation environment to keep your family safe, the Vishion team has 14 ideas to make this a summer to remember.

1. Hamilton Watch Party

This Vishion Board from Outside Design shows how to set up for the ultimate Hamilton watch party.

You can watch any movie in your backyard, but I have been eagerly waiting to see what Hamilton is all about. Available on Disney+ is the Tony Award-Winning musical, Hamilton. What better time to watch this historical musical than on America’s birthday and from the comfort of your own home. Use Vishion to set up your backyard for the perfect watch party experience.

Using Vishion’s color search engine, find the perfect poufs and outdoor rugs to help set a relaxing mood. I’ve had great experiences with this projector found on Amazon, but you’ll need a sound system to make sure you catch every lyric. These items will give you a picture-perfect setting to finally watch Lin Manuel Miranda’s always-sold-out broadway show.

2. Perfect your outside space or garden

For homeowners seeking more from their backyards, Landscape Architect Liz Pulver will share how her virtual consultations can help.

With all of this time spent at home, we finally have the time to help our plants thrive and survive! If you’re anything like me, you’ve tried and failed multiple times to grow every plant under the sun. Although it may seem like a crazy time to take on a new project, gardening can be a fun group activity to get your hands dirty and make your yard more beautiful.

If you need help planning your outdoor space, Vishion’s Summer Virtual Market is hosting a virtual landscaping session on July 14 with Landscape Architect Liz Pulver. In the presentation, she previews what it will be like to virtually work with an expert to update your outdoor space with Vishion PRO+. One lucky attendee will receive a free consultation with Liz! Register today. 

3. Practice your Golf

An example of a putting green from Artificial Grass Liquidators.

While it might be an expensive sport, it’s quite addicting and makes for the perfect activity for social distancing. If you want to perfect the art of the pitching wedge, set up an area in the backyard to practice your swing. If you have a smaller yard, consider soft balls with a pop-up pitching net.

Some of us are lucky enough to have the space to create a putting green. Even in tight spaces, you can fit a tricky course, like the picture shown above from Artificial Grass Liquidators.

4. Wine & Cheese Tasting

A Vishion board based on a Los Angeles wine spot

Having a no-technology, wine, and cheese pairing evening is easy and relaxing. If there is a local wine shop near you, give them a call and ask for them to select wines. They will typically know the best cheese pairings too! Try to get different types of cheeses,  noting which cheese makes the wine you’ve selected taste the best.

It’s a fun activity for a group, with a significant other, or alone. Whichever way you’re spending the holiday weekend, use a nice cheese board for optimal ambiance. Add a little pop to your kitchen with these products on Vishion.

Wine and Cheese Essentials on Vishion

5. Crafts to bring your Neighborhood Joy

One of the 35 rocks I’ve spotted in our neighborhood.

This next activity is much more low-key, but definitely the most fulfilling on the list. In my area, families paint small rocks and hide them around the neighborhood. While on a walk, you will see a hint of a colorful rock with a nice message or picture. Paint rocks and hide them in your neighborhood, then watch as neighbors find them and smile. It’s a simple way to pay it forward and give joy during this holiday.

6. Adults in the Kiddie Pool

Image is from Minnidip

Break out the outdoor bar cart and blow up these cute kiddie pools from Minnidip to bring the beach to your own home. Lay outside on your beach towel, dip your toes in the water, and enjoy a margarita. Even if it’s just for you and your roommates, make sure to create a signature cocktail to elevate your theme.

Backyard Oasis Must-Haves on Vishion

These COLORFUL towels on Vishion will help you soak up all the sun

7. Murder Mystery Dinner

Hopefully, your summer isn’t filled with rain, but if it is, having a murder mystery dinner theme will “kill it” with your friends and family. There are plenty of murder mystery prompts on Etsy to help with the details, but the decorations and costumes are what make it special. Even with just a few people, a murder mystery dinner can make a summer night crazy fun.

PRO TIP: Break out those antiques, channel your inner Gatsby, and have your guests dress up in their 1920s attire. Who doesn’t love a good costume party that’s an alternative American History celebration? 

8. Romantic Date Night

This Vishion board explore color in your backyard.

Who doesn’t love a romantic evening? If you’re feeling the love, go out of your way and create the perfect date night in your backyard. Nothing says “I love you” like an unexpected night at home. Add string lights, lanterns, and a few personal touches to create a special spot in the backyard, making this holiday special for someone you care about. Sometimes fireworks can just be between two people on this holiday!

9. Bonfire Bonding

A very easy way to make your backyard more exciting is by creating a nice place to enjoy a fire. If you don’t want to build a permanent fire pit, check out the Solo Stove. I can say from personal experience that it’s perfect! Building your fire pit may be the best summer project that you can enjoy on the same day!

10. BBQ Cooking Competition

At Vishion, we are a huge fan of supporting local restaurants, but we have another suggestion if you want to spice things up. Get your friends and neighbors together for a BBQ cooking competition! Whether its brisket, ribs, or chili, make sure you have a staple meat or meal so it’s easier to judge. Don’t forget, it’s all about the presentation! Use the Vishion app to find serving platters to WOW your guests’ eyes and taste buds.

Serving Platter Essentials on Vishion

11. Taco Night with a Twist

Photo by Heather Ford

Taco night can be a group activity! If you make an awesome meat base (like this excellent carnitas recipe), ask everyone to create the ultimate taco toppings. You can even create BBQ tacos as a nod to typical summer food. By finding fun ways to explore food it becomes less of a chore.

12. Backyard Building like Ron Swanson

DIY MASTER Ron Swanson

DIY like Ron Swanson from Parks and Rec

This isn’t exactly relaxing, but some of us love the feeling of creating something with our bare hands.  If you want to channel your inner-Ron Swanson, take a stab at these DIY backyard projects:

  • Create a Pergola
  • Make a Dog House
  • Build a Tree House

Of course, some of us feel the same satisfaction in simply buying all of these things.


13. Book Club Oasis

Classic Beach Folding Chair from Ballard

You deserve a spot to curl up, uninterrupted, to get your reading on! Whether it’s a hammock, lounge chair, or this classic beach folding chair from Ballard, you need a place where you can relax. We recommend these easy-to-move chairs so you can find the perfect place in your yard or porch to find your happy place. Wine is not included in the purchase of these chairs but comes highly recommended.

14. Backyard Glamping

My Vishion board on Glamping

Glamorous camping in your backyard is a fun way for every member of the family to take part in your staycation. You can go all out and get a glamping tent on Etsy or go cheap and crafty to get the desired effect. This backyard project is fun for everyone and a great way to get away from technology for at least a day.

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