Designer Spotlight: Nathalie Armand-Bradley of Mod Punch

At Vishion, we love finding new interior designers to help inspire you in your own home. Each week in the Vishion Designer Spotlight, we strive to show you all designers that inspire us to move out of our comfort zones and try something new in our home. Meet Nathalie Armand- Bradley of Mod Punch Designs, Regional Winner of the Vishion Design Awards Competition

Nathalie Armand-Bradley

When we saw Nathalie’s submission in the Vishion Design Awards competition, we absolutely fell in love with her designs. Her subtle use of moody color, while still being able to make the room feel bright and eye-catching, is beyond impressive. As we scrolled through her submission, we loved how she incorporated modern accents and geometric patterns without overwhelming the space. Recently, we asked Bradley a series of questions to learn more about her business, her design process, and recent work. Read below to find out more.

A Conversation With Interior Designer, Nathalie Armand Bradley

Designer, Nathalie Armand-Bradley

Tell me about your design business. Where are you and your clients located and what type of design do you primarily focus on? 

Mod Punch Design is a wellness centric interior design firm. We focus heavily on neuroaesthetics and well-being. We are located in Macon, GA. However, our highly popular e-design service has allowed us to work with clients throughout the United States.

Why do you feel like color is an important element in a space? 

Design by Mod Punch

Color is a significant component to design. When you think about perception and how we interpret what we see, color helps to enhance and evoke an intense feeling.

A life without color is merely a life with no vision.

Nothing conveys a visual message quite like color. From calm, flashy, girly to witty, color can express characteristics and feeling with just one shade.

What do you see as the hottest color and design trends of 2020?

Yellow is really showing out in the design and fashion world. Wallpaper is also having a huge moment. I would recommend using both sparingly.

What was a recent project you loved?

Design by Mod Punch

One of my most recent projects involved revamping a dining room. We started with the discovery process where we were able to learn more about the client and her specific needs. We helped her identify her personal style and was able to come up with a budget that worked for her. Then we talked about space planning and moved into sourcing the right items. I really loved this project for several reasons. For one, the client was a little nervous about the transformation. But her willingness to trust the creative process really paid off at the end.



Please tell us about the colors used in the color palette 

Design by Mod Punch

We used very minimal color for this project. This was intentional as the client preferred to keep things very simple which truly reflects her personal style. Emerald green is the client’s favorite color. So we opted to use it in the drapery and seating for the room. Green has a very sentimental value to the client and we wanted the color to truly be the main attraction.




Love what you see? Want to hire Nathalie Armand-Bradley for your next interior design project? You can contact Nathalie and see more from her portfolio at www.modpunch.com

Check back next week for more featured work in the Vishion Designer Spotlight.

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