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Coming Soon | Share Designs on Vishion

If you love color, Vishion will help you explore it in a totally new way. On February 26th, we are giving Vishion users the ability to share their portfolios and find the latest interior designs by color and category

We are giving access to dozens of users before everyone else through a two-week beta of our social platform. Hand-selected users will be able to build their portfolios before everyone else. Please request early access if you are a designer or architect, or interior photographer.

Soon, our entire community will be able to share beautiful spaces and their color palettes through public boards, tagging any collaborator and highlighting any special products or ideas.

Share your “Vishion”

In a few weeks, all designers, hotels, architects, restaurants, and photographers are invited to showcase their designs on Vishion. Our social platform, specifically made for the design community and those it serves, allowing designers and design lovers to explore the latest designs and colors in a new way. Whether a user wants to moodboard, share a board privately with a client, or promote their brand, this new social media channel provides a unique way to explore the world of interior design.



Why Share?

There are three ways you can use Vishion to help your business.

1. Showcase your portfolio with potential clients & the community

Vishion’s new shareable boards feature gives you the chance to promote your brand and your designs in one place! Showcase your past projects and share with potential clients and the community.

2. Moodboard future designs

The Vishion app makes moodboarding easy and fast. Search for colors from Pantone and Sherwin-Williams or Vishion’s infinite color palette. Create Boards featuring your chosen color palette and search for products in a specific shade. Upload Inspirational images or products not featured on the Vishion app.

3. Send designs to clients

With shareable boards, users have the ability to set their boards to public or private. With the private setting, the boards are only visible to you and anyone you choose to tag. This capability makes it easy to brainstorm and mood-board without releasing it to the general public. Tagging others is possible at any point; as you move through the design process, you can share with a client whenever you are ready. And, if you want to share a completed board with everyone, just set your board to “public”.

Other Features:

  1. Search Designs By Color
  2. Search Designs By Hashtag
  3. Find new designers to follow with Trending designs

Coming Soon:

The new ability to share your designs and boards on Vishion rolls out on February 25. Stay tuned for tips, tricks, and more information.


Want to get in early? Click here to request early access to these new features.


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Vishionary: The State of Interior Design

Vishion’s Six Design Award Judges break down the State of Interior Design. From trends and insights to tips and tricks, our experts are sharing their secret to success.

Meet The Judges

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An HGTV host, the queen of the NYC industrial tech scene, a President, CEO, Founder, and a designer with a memorable style as well as high-profile clientele, these six women have made their mark on American Interior Design. Each is motivated, driven and downright badass. When I grow up, I want to be just like them.

Vishion is honored to have each of them on the judge’s panel for the first-ever Vishion Design Award Competition. Celebrating the work of extraordinary interior designers and the palettes they create, the panel of six will choose one grand prize winner. Entrants are judged on color palette complexity, quality, creativity, innovation, and of course, the overall WOW factor.

So what are these judges really looking for? One word, innovation. We asked each of them a series of questions to find out what the future holds for interior design. We’re in a new decade and the trends are changing.

Bright Colors Are In

Clients asking for more color is music to Vishion’s ears. As the only color search engine of its kind, there are more than 3,600 colors in the Vishion color library. We live, sleep and breathe in color. Michelle Workman, named “showbiz royalty” by Variety Magazine, and accomplished interior master says that home design is seeing more and more bright hues.

“This (use of color) started with pastels but is moving into the more saturated bands. Minimalism and greige are falling back, maximalism with texture and pattern are coming to the forefront.”

Kelly Clifford, CO-Founder of Kavka Designs, says bold colors, texture and eclectic style are making a major comeback.

“I love color, I think it speaks to your personality and I am never afraid to use it in accents or statement pieces, especially in neutral settings. Bold colors are really making a comeback in 2020. Fear not, colors that POP!”

Sustainable Spaces

As climate change and overall environmental awareness continue to be a leading movement and social discussion, brands, designers, and clients are looking to do their part.  Made from recycled, re-purposed or easily renewable materials, sustainable furniture is a trend that is stylish and eco-friendly. Searching for pieces that are FSC-certified or from brands that are part of the Sustainable Furnishings Council, is a great place to start.

Buying pieces that will last a lifetime, is another way to decrease the environmental toll “fast furniture” can have on the environment. Anne England is the Co-Founder and President of Social Responsibility at Industry West. She says she can’t forecast the coolest color story for the next decade, but she does think younger generations will start investing in furniture.

“I think we will see a trend in people craving quality and not just pieces that last a year and then need to be replaced.”

Mixing The Old And The New

Do you have an old trunk passed down through generations or an antique sofa that once rocked a clear vinyl cover at your grandmother’s house? Designers and clients often struggle with what to do with these eclectic, yet sentimental pieces. Good news, Michelle Workman says, use them.

Finding a place for grandma’s ugly chair and giving it new life in homage to her, influences any space.” She says authenticity in your design will propel cutting edge trends. “Take those collections and obsessions out of the closet and display them as part of the design.

Incorporating these family heirlooms into a space helps to bring personality to a room. Kelly Clifford says she wants her designs to emulate positivity and warmth.

“The word hygge comes to mind because it is all about being comfortable in your environment. It’s a matter of personal taste but important for the space to be a place where you love to dwell.”

Livability and Functionality

Pristine white couches, perfect white walls and that beautiful shag rug that you don’t want anyone to walk on. These items are gorgeous but impractical. Our judges say designing a space for your client to live in and love at the same time is what is most important. Anne England says quality with personality is important in any interior design.

“I don’t feel like everything in a room needs to be perfect. I have a life, kids, and a career. I want the things around me to last, withstand a busy lifestyle and make me smile.”

Michelle Workman says it’s important to capture you or a client accurately but elevated.

“If your client collects Pez Candy dispensers, find a way to show off that collection as an art Installation.”

Enter the Vishion Design Award Competition 

Do you want to impress our judges? Vishion has extended the deadline for the 2020 Design Award Competition until 11:59 PM EST on Friday, January 24, 2020. It’s easy to enter yourself or nominate an extraordinary designer. Click HERE to learn more.

The grand prize winner will receive a cash prize of $5,000, in addition to a feature on the Vishion blog, PR promotion, and media coverage. Vishion will announce the winner in February 2020.

Explore Products By Color With Vishion

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The Complexities of Color

Using color digitally can be challenging, but that didn’t stop us. Here’s how Vishion is tackling the complexities of color.

Those that work with color know it can be temperamental when it comes to everyday technology. Some cameras have a hard time capturing the brilliance of a color. Images of items online might be altered too much during editing, changing the colors actual appearance. The brightness setting on a phone or computer screen can potentially change the hues presented.

Vishion is working with color experts, brands and partners to improve how color can be used online to achieve your home design goals. As we launch our mobile app, we want to show how you can use color now and what to expect in the future.

Finding the right Color

To ensure Vishion users begin with the correct color, we are working with Sherwin-Williams and Pantone, as well as enabling the use of HEX, RGB and HSB values. Colors can be pulled from images as well, but users must be confident the image reflects the correct color.

The image seen above is in Vishion’s office. When you pull the color from an image, confirm the accuracy of the color pulled against the item you want to match. Confident Yellow is the actual color of the wall pictured, showing the accuracy of the Vishion search when the right color is shown.

How Light Changes Color

I took a picture of the same area of the office with bad lighting. Needless to say, this produced the wrong results. Color is extremely temperamental to light. Make sure the image reflects the color you’re considering as much as possible.

The other side of the search is the products featured. We are working with brands beginning this fall to ensure the accuracy of our search results. End-to-end color accuracy will take time and we are the first to tackle the initial steps of exploring color online.

Unique Color, Limited Results

We are excited to help you find new things to create a unique space. As you search for items to complete your design, remember the brighter and more saturated the color is the more limited the results.

Vishion will provide results that are as close to your selected color as possible, but remember you can find complementary colors if you want to further explore options that match your preferred shade.

The leadership team at Vishion is continually partnering with popular and unique brands to ensure our search engine has looked in every store on the planet.

The future of color exploration

Photo by Christelle Bourgeois

With every search, Vishion improves. Over time you’ll see more results and color accuracy will be improved. We focus on the complexities of color to improve the online experience.

We are constantly looking for ways to make it easier to explore how color can be used for home design. If you have suggestions as to how we can make our app better for you, let us know! If you haven’t already, download the Vishion app today.

Meet the Vishion Team

Vishion is a small startup based in Charlotte, North Carolina, focused on the exploration of color online. Meet the Vishion team.

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