15 places to eat and find design inspiration

Step out of the office, grab a bite to eat and find inspiration. We’ve put together 15 places to eat and find design inspiration across the United States. 

Whenever I am in a new place I find a restaurant in town with the best interior design. I believe the feeling a restaurant gives you is just as important as the food itself. Just consider the fact that the idea for Vishion, the color search engine, was inspired by the bar at Kindred (number 15 on the list).

A beautiful interior isn’t just for Instagram, it can put you in the perfect mood to brainstorm. We hope you find inspiration in one of the restaurants mentioned below.

1. JG Domestic – Philadelphia

Photo of JG Domestic restaurant

JG Domestic has the aesthetics you hope to have in your home garden, mixing plant-life and beautiful wood decor. The restaurant’s owner, Chef Jose Garces, has more than a dozen restaurants across the country and the winner of the James Beard Foundation’s prestigious “Best Chef, Mid-Atlantic” award.

2. Cecconi’s – Miami Beach

Photo of Cecconi’s Soho Beach House in Miami from Cecconi’s website

In the courtyard of Soho Beach House, Cecconi’s is a modern-day Italian restaurant filled with beautiful plant life and eclectic tile. The calming shade of blue and green, balanced by the dark-stained wood, makes this a wonderful place to grab a drink and think.

3. Bindaas – Washington, DC

Photo of Bindaas in Washington, DC

Along with a cozy ambiance, Bindaas in Washington, DC serves its patrons Indian street food. With pops of color in a dimly lit room, this space shows how you can play with color to bring energy to a darker space.

4. Jaleo – Las Vegas

Photo of Jaleo restaurant in the Cosmopolitan in Las Vegas

Red is the primary color of Jaleo, the Spanish restaurant inside the Cosmopolitan in Las Vegas. Sitting around a table in the restaurant’s private room reminds me of a set from a James Bond film.

5. Born and Raised – San Diego

Image of Born and Raised from Eater

Get ready to step back into the roaring twenties when you dine at Born and Raised in San Diego. The space, designed by Paul Basile, provides a timeless appeal. The entire restaurant nods to the mid-century and art deco eras.

6.  Tallula’s – Los Angeles

Photo of Tallula’s in Los Angeles from design firm ORA

Bright walls, scores of plants, and an airy patio make Tallula’s in Los Angeles a great restaurant to seek design inspiration. According to Eater, the design firm ORA transformed what was once a Japanese restaurant into the eye-catching Mexican restaurant it is today.

7. Hai Hai – Minneapolis

Photo of Hai Hai by Kevin Kramer of Eater Twin Cities

Hai Hai is a Minneapolis restaurant with an Asian-street flair. The vibrant wallpaper, matched with splashes of turquoise, and bright blue chairs make the eatery feel unique and special. Hai Hai owner Christina Nguyen sourced a patchwork of tropical wallpapers from Pierre Frey’s Jungle & Maya collections, according to Mpls. St.Paul Magazine.

8. Bubby’s – New York City

Photo of Bubby’s in New York City

I’ve personally had breakfast at Bubby’s in Tribeca and can attest to its quaint vibe. While traveling, the design and colors of this space can give you a breath of home when you’re away from home. Open for 27 years, Bubby’s isn’t necessarily a new restaurant but still one worth trying.

9. Fulton Market Kitchen – Chicago

Photo from Fulton Market Kitchen in Chicago

Fulton Market Kitchen in Chicago is a self-proclaimed art gallery and restaurant. Inspired by the 1980s NYC art scene and the Wynwood Walls in Miami, the space was conceptualized and designed by Alex Morales and Daniel Alonso.

10. Trestle – San Francisco

Photo of Trestle in San Francisco

Trestle was the only restaurant I had on my list when I visited San Francisco with my husband a few years ago. Sitting in the intimate, small space makes you feel like you’re about to experience something special and the decor simply elevates the feeling.

11. The Collins Quarter – Savannah

Photo of The Collins Quarter in Savannah

Placing green and red so closely together can be risky (unless you’re going for a holiday theme), but The Collins Quarters in Savannah shows how to pull it off. According to its website, the restaurant was styled after Melbourne’s historic Collins Street to deliver a unique café experience.

12. Leon’s Oyster Shop – Charleston

Photo of Leon’s Oyster Shop in Charleston

Leon’s Oyster Shop in Charleston is housed in an old body shop that belonged to Leon Ravenel—a businessman that served Charleston residents for many years. According to their website, “the space preserves much of that industrial history, complete with functioning garage doors, concrete floors, and some remaining memorabilia from Leon himself.”

13. Republique – Los Angeles

Photo of Republique in Los Angeles

It’s hard not to fall in love with the architecture of Republique in Los Angeles. According to Architectural Digest, the revamp of the 1929 property was done with the help of architect Osvaldo Maoizzi. The tile work and pop of blue throughout the restaurant highlights the amazing design of the restaurant.

14. The Corson Building – Seattle

Photo of The Corson Building in Seattle

The Corson Building in Seattle, with its familial style seating and homey vibe, is the perfect area to feel inspiration. Originally built in the first part of the last century, the building was constructed as a home and still honors many elements of its original design.

15. Kindred – Davidson

Photo of Kindred in Davidson

I have a special place in my heart for the design of Kindred in Davidson. The interior of this restaurant is what inspired me to create Vishion. To say I love the colors in this space would be the understatement of the century.

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