Bringing Earth’s Seasonal Cycles into your Space with Sherwin-Williams’ Haven 

Earth’s seasonal cycles inspire this week’s Sherwin-Willaims palette. In this article, we explore designs that incorporate the soothing hues of Haven in interiors. 

 Sherwin-Williams’ Haven

Themes such as simplicity, sanctuary, and sustainability inspire Sherwin-Williams’ Haven. The hues in this palette are reminiscent of sea, sand, forest, and sky, and there is beauty in that familiarity. Haven reminds us to stay connected to nature and to reap catharsis in our surroundings. Below, you’ll find our inspirational guide, featuring professional designs and products inspired by the Haven palette. 

Designs in Haven

In addition to the influences mentioned above, the Haven palette takes its cues from the concept of wabi-sabi: a Japanese philosophy, rooted in Buddhism, centered on the acceptance of transience and imperfection. In interior design, wabi-sabi refers to an appreciation of decor that is simple, modest, and imperfect. Hand-made items and decor in natural finishes tend to suit the wabi-sabi aesthetic.
Room design in Haven

Room Design in Haven via Sherwin-Williams

Dining room design in Haven

Dining Room Design in Haven via Sherwin-Williams

Blue room design in Haven

Design in Haven via Sherwin-Williams

Kitchen design in Haven

Kitchen Design in Haven via Sherwin-Williams

Green minimalist design in Haven

Design in Haven via Sherwin-Williams

Products in Haven From Vishion

You can infuse furniture and accent products in your space with color or as a nod to nature. Below, you’ll find some products in Haven that are on Vishion.
Green and blue woven blanket

Wolcott Forest by Thom Filicia Luxury Bedding via Eastern Accents

Blue velvet pillow on couch

Stone Washed Velvet Oversized Lumbar Pillow via Arhaus

Velvet Chair

Vyolet Velvet Settee in Citronella via Lulu & Georgia

Drawing Inspiration From Nature

Nature Image

Photo by Paul Hanaoka

Dark Mountain

Mountains Photo by Nathan Anderson

Beach Image

Use Vishion to Explore this Color Palette

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