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Mitchell Black’s brand is synonymous with high-quality, beautiful & removable wallpaper with a bold use of colors and patterns. In this article, we focus on all our favorite Mitchell Black wallpaper designs and trends. 

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Removable Wallpaper

It seems as though wallpaper is everywhere.  In the latest home decor magazines, trending in all the top interior designer’s Instagram feed and even in trendy hotels and I am loving it!  Wallpaper can breathe life in your home or rental decorating woes. Aside from architectural nuances and major renovations, wallpaper is the best way to personalize a room. In my opinion, Mitchell Black is the best wallpaper designer out there.  Their vast selection of wallpaper designs has bred a collection of every size, color, and pattern, making the brand basically a one-stop-shop for all your wallpaper needs.

Source Mitchell Black

Mitchell Black

So if you have been avoiding wallpaper because it seems impossible to take down or could make a home feel dated, Mitchell Black designs will change your mind.  From elegant floral prints to bold geometric patterns, their designs prove that removable wallpaper is just as beautiful as the traditional kind, without the hassle. Below we explore their current line and how to work them into your home decor.


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This Wallflower Lilac Wallpaper has a charming edgy, graceful yet whimsical feel to it. I can easily be placed in the living room or even a nursery. There are multiple color schemes that can easily be pulled from this wallpaper.  I suggest using gold, light pink and ivory.


Channel the wilderness with this Stalking Tiger in Smoke wallpaper. The eclectic design is unique yet refined, complementing a wide variety of decor styles.  The best part is, this product is a part of their tile wallpaper product, so you can use it as a backsplash in your kitchen or office.


Image source Mitchell Black

This Slither Organic wallpaper by Mitchell Black will modernize and elevate your walls. The print adds depth and movement to the design.



Source Mitchell Black

Bring an understated sophistication into any room with this Fairy Forest wallpaper.  If you add it to a child’s room, this wallpaper will definitely grow with them.

Water Waves

Image source @mitchell_black

Even if you don’t have a beach house this Ocean Swimmers Wallpaper will inject a nautical touch into your life with the beaches of Hawaiian seas. Perfect for any accent wall or even boys room to add a subtle yet modern coastal vibe.


Source Mitchell Black

This Petal Wallpaper Mural will give your walls a splash of a watercolor art feel. The pastel blush provides a perfect balance of vibrancy while feeling understated enough to cover an entire room.


Source Mitchell Black

These Bombay Tile Wallpaper let you call the shots.  You can go big or small.  Placing the pattern, either way will help you create a horizontal or linear mural. Adding a conversation point to any space in your home.

Source Mitchell Black

See the full collection from Mitchell Black here.

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