Designing in Pantone’s Palette of the Week: Intrigue

Pantone’s palette of the week is mysterious, whimsical, and unconventionalwithout sacrificing approachability. This article outlines how professional designers are integrating the Intrigue color palette into their designs. 


Pantone’s Intrigue palette is all about contrast. Though there is clear juxtaposition between nature-inspired hues, such as Calliste Green and Xenon Blue, and eclectic pops of silver, gold, and purpleincluding Pantone’s Color of the Year 2018, Ultra Violetthe palette makes a strong impression as a whole. If you’re intrigued by Intrigue, check out our inspirational guide below.



Designs in Intrigue

The Intrigue palette relates well to the current trend of dark and smoky finishes in contemporary design. You can create a monochromatic effect by pairing Blackened Pearl and Silver togetherthen, to uplift the look, introduce a pop of color to the mix, such as Ultra Violet. 

Design by deVOL Kitchen; as featured on Instagram

Moody Bohemian via Lulu & Georgia


Design by Cari Giannoulias; featuring Le Creuset; as seen on Instagram

Design by James Huniford via Sotheby’s Home Blog


Design by Aubrey Veva Design; featured on Instagram.

Products in Intrigue

Furniture and accents are the perfect way to dip your toe into the Intrigue palette. Below, you’ll find some products that exemplify the Intrigue aesthetic.

Painting by Ronald Hunter via Zatista


Joe Cariati decanter via Curated Kravet


Getting Inspired by Intrigue

Inspiration for your design can be found in full bloom in a woodland garden or displayed artfully in a floral arrangement. Other parallels can be drawn to slick bedrock spotted with moss. Next, find products, paints, or fabrics by a specific color. Wherever you go, your palette will be there with you.

Photo by Alex Blăjan

Using Vishion to Explore this Color Palette

Are you curious about how Vishion can help you explore your favorite Pantone paint colors? Download the Vishion app and take any of the colors from this palette to find fabric, wallpaper, furniture, or art.

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