Aficionado Palette: colors inspired by tweed and ’60s nostalgia

The curated palette of the week from Sherwin-Williams showcases shades of brown and purple inspired by aficionados.

Webster’s dictionary describes an aficionado as “a person who is very knowledgeable and enthusiastic about an activity, subject, or pastime.” When Sherwin-Williams describes how they selected the colors in the Aficionado palette, you see how this definition ties into their inspiration. The colors were gathered using visuals of reading nooks, tweedy menswear and ’60s nostalgia.


Photo by, from left to right; Clem Onojeghuo; Annie Spratt; Peraunu Sebastion


Sherwin-Williams Aficionado showcases tones of brown and purple, pulled from places that could either be seen as cozy or pretentious. Regardless, the colors in this palette usually play a supporting role in the design. Following interior designers over the past year, I’ve rarely seen purple, light or dark, used as the main paint color. That’s why I found the inspiration and application of this palette so interesting.


Aficionado in Design

Photo courtesy of Sherwin-Williams


Photo courtesy of Sherwin-Williams


Photo courtesy of Sherwin-Williams


Photo courtesy of Sherwin-Williams


Photo courtesy of Sherwin-Williams


Photo courtesy of Sherwin-Williams


Finding Products matching Aficionado

You can use this color palette or images of your favorite places and patterns to start a search for matching products. I used the Vishion app to find a product in each of the colors to make up a room.

Brentwood Chair in Wine Velvet from Apt2B


Trellis Hand-Knotted Rug from Arhaus


Hints of Sherwin-Williams Alaea SW 7579 purple in Kravet’s Botanist fabric


Storm Diptych by Susan Hughes; art found from Zatista matching Sherwin-Williams Charcoal SW 2739

Bach Marigold Knife Edge pillow from Eastern Accents


Using Vishion to explore this color palette

Curious how Vishion can help you explore your favorite Sherwin-Williams paint colors? If you download Vishion, you can take any of the colors from this palette to find fabric, wallpaper, furniture or art.


Try Vishion today.


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