Pet Products For Design Lovers

From bulky beds to towering scratch posts that stick out like a sore thumb, pet products aren’t typically designed to appease the eye. However, more brands recognize this hairy problem and are designing products you or your clients will love.


If you’re anything like me, you want the absolute best for your fur-child. My dog, Kepler, has more toys than most children, an array of bandanas to fit every season, and beds, on beds, on beds. While spoiling my precious pooch is what gets me out of bed most mornings, I often try to hide the copious amount of pet products when friends come to visit.

Thankfully, my dog obsession and interior design self-consciousness aren’t unique. This is 2020 and high-end brands are recognizing four-legged members as part of the family, designing products that blend seamlessly, while still managing to spoil our dogs and cats.

The Redesigned Pet Bed

They’re big, bulky and usually feature some atrocious pattern of paw prints, fish or dog bones. Pet beds are designed for comfort, not style, however, brands like Tuft + Paw create modern “furniture”  for pets to sleep, play, and scratch.

Another brand that’s taking the pet bed to an entirely new level is Paw. Designing high-quality products with home decor in mind, Paw began because it’s founder was frustrated with the lack of beautiful and functional dog products. The original faux fur bed is an orthopedic and beautiful alternative to its predecessor.

Modern Dog Pens

If you’ve ever had a sick pup or one that is absolutely terrified of fireworks, you understand the struggle when it comes to confining your dog or finding a space to fit that obnoxiously large crate. My dog, Kepler, was injured in a freak basketball accident (yes, I said basketball) a few years ago. He was paralyzed for a few months and we had to confine him to the living room. I bought countless gates, modular baby pens, I even resorted to cardboard at one point.

While it didn’t matter at the time, what I did learn is that these safety devices ruined my walls and seriously compromised my home interior design. If only I knew about Clearly Loved Pets. The brand creates modern enclosures while decreasing the visual clutter of a traditional pen or crate. The clear acrylic wall panels come in a variety of sizes with the structure available in five different colors. At Vishion we love color and this clear, colorful dog pen will match you or your client’s home interior design.


Design Meets Functionality 

With these products in mind, some interior designers are taking pet-friendly spaces to a whole new level. When I think “dream home” I’m inspired by the next series of fantastic photos. From built-in dog feeding stations to colorful, laundry room/dog washing combos. These incredible, custom rooms will make any dog-parent and pet drool.

Don’t compromise your space, cohabitate and create a pet-friendly design that appeases you and your furry friend.

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