Vishion Launches New Social Network For Interior Designers

Cultivate mood boards, search for designs by color, and share with clients and peers – Vishion is giving interior designers and design lovers the chance to share and discover interiors with a focus on color.

CHARLOTTE, NC — ​Vishion​, the only color search engine for decor and furniture, is giving interior designers another tool to make the design process easier. The mobile app is launching a social platform that allows users to share projects and color palettes with clients or the Vishion community, creating an all-encompassing color and home design exploration tool.

“When we considered how a color search engine could help our users, we thought about how interior design projects come together from beginning to end,” said Samantha Smith, founder and CEO of Vishion. “From seeing a color you love in an inspirational image or product to creating a palette and mood board, we believe color is the thread that ties an idea together from vision to completion”

The new social feature allows users to mood board and share ideas privately to brainstorm with clients. Once a project is done, designers and their collaborators can share details about the project and the colors that drove the design. Vishion’s social platform allows users to find designs by color, designer name, trending designs or hashtags.

“I love that I can take the Pantone colors I am considering and quickly turn them into a Vishion board I can share with my client. They can use it to explore the components of my design as we move through the process,” says New York-based interior designer, Dani Arps​.

Smith created Vishion after a bedroom-redesign effort proved extremely challenging when she couldn’t find items that matched her color palette. According to a Vishion survey of interior designers, ​68 percent said it takes at least one hour to search online for a product by color. Vishion’s goal is to reduce the time it takes interior designers to mood board while providing an outlet for professional design inspiration.

“​We are designing a creative network for inspiration, growth, and visibility for design professionals,” Smith said. “As the social network grows, designers will be able to use it to grow their businesses, allowing potential customers to get to know them as they search for the perfect designer for their space.”

Vishion is releasing the social platform to the public on February 26th. The free Vishion app is available to download from the Apple App Store. The upcoming release of the Android version of Vishion is set for early March. Designers interested in participating in the beta of Vishion social, sign-up ​here​.

Vishion​®​ is the only color search engine to help interior designers and design lovers find decor across brands. With more than 3,600 colors on the app, Vishion features colors from ​Pantone®​ and Sherwin-Williams®​. The vishion app includes more than 1 million products from brands like ​Industry West​, ​Krav​et​, and ​Mitchell Black​. ​Founded in 2017, Vishion is a Charlotte, N.C.-based startup pioneering color search. For more information, visit Vishion at ​www.vishion.co


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