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Designing in Sherwin-Williams’ Alive

Sherwin-Williams‘ palette of the week takes its cues from nature’s neutrals and Southwestern design. In this article, we explore how professional designers are incorporating Sherwin-Williams’ Alive into their designs. 


Sherwin-Williams’ Alive palette is all about striking balance. In a literal sense, deep and grounding huessuch as Naval, Endless Sea, and Ripe Oliveare balanced out by lighter counterparts, such as Sleepy Blue and Touch of Sand. In a grander sense, Alive alludes to the balance of life and is meant to evoke a sense of optimism and authenticity. Below, you’ll find our inspirational guide, featuring designs and products inspired by the Alive color palette. 


Designs in Alive

According to Sue Wadden, director of color marketing at Sherwin-Williams, “Color helps shape our day-to-day environments and can greatly impact our mood.” For this reason, the soothing colors featured in the Alive palette are far more impactful when used in a big way. Think: statement walls, large format wall art, and extra large area rugs. 


Design in Alive via Sherwin Williams


Photo by Toa Heftiba

Products in Alive

Furniture and accents in this palette can be used to accentuate a sense of calm and relaxation in your space. Below, you’ll find some products that embody the Alive aesthetic.

Georgian Court Chair via Kravet


Embroidered Link Border Decorative Pillow Cover via Boll & Branch


Louis XVI Style Chairs via Sotheby’s Home

Getting Inspired by Sherwin-Williams’ Alive palette

Inspiration for your design can be found on the seashore, within the multi-hued grains of sand below your feet or in the sky overhead. Next, download the Vishion app to find products, paints, or fabrics by a specific color. Wherever you go, your palette will be there with you.

Photo by Frank Mckenna

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