Why the 2020 HGTV Smart Home is the Best Yet

HGTV’s 2020 Smart Home can be found in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania and we cannot get enough of the incredible craftsmanship and detail put into it.  The blend of industrial and classic designs by HGTV star and Vishion Design Award judge, Tiffany Brooks, celebrates Pittsburgh’s rich, colorful history.  Let’s dive into this visionary masterpiece and why this is our favorite interior design of any HGTV smart home. 

Exterior Photo of the HGTV Smart Home

Photo courtesy of HGTV

The Perfect Pittsburgh Location

HGTV Smart Home

Photo courtesy of HGTV

Walking into the HGTV 2020 Smart Home is a breathtaking moment filled with many different color combinations throughout each room. Iron and metal accents within the home’s interior design give a nod to its location in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Located in southwestern Pennsylvania, Pittsburgh is known as “the Steel City” for its more than 300 steel-related businesses and as the “City of Bridges” for its 446 bridges.

Transitional Spaces

Once inside, the main entrance is in a central location with the foyer connecting the great room, the kitchen, and the dining room. The gorgeous luxury vinyl and 100% waterproof grey vinyl flooring add the perfect touch of brightness to the room and durability to withstand those harsh Pittsburgh winters.

Study / Sitting Area

purple walls decorate the interior fo the HGTV smart home

Photo Courtesy Of HGTV

Bring On The Drama

Walking into the study, we notice the hues of purple on the wall with a punch of color from artwork hung around them.

 “I just feel like I elevated the vibe of this room.  I didn’t want to just create this boring office.  I wanted something that was a little bit more stylish and dressier and kind of designed-up”, says designer Tiffany Brooks via HGTV.

The jet black in the statement chandelier combined with the black accents in the rug gives this room a chic, art deco vibe that is full of glamour.

The Kitchen

kitchen of the HGTV smart home

Photo courtesy of HGTV

A Kitchen Of Dreams

From the off-white cabinets, ivory floors, and textured backsplash – we can’t get enough of this kitchen.  The variety of shapes encapsulated us and is a feast to the eye.  The mix of greys, whites, blacks, and browns blend together with such ease.  According to the HGTV website, Tiffany Brooks wanted to keep this space chic and inviting. We think she executed it perfectly.

Dining Room

dining room in the HGTV smart home

Photo courtesy of HGTV

Bold and Botanical

There is a flawless amount of greenery alongside the drapes and velvet chairs in this bold and botanical dining room.

“I had a lot of fun with the Sherwin-Williams Global Spice Color collection, and you’ll see bold items and bold moments of that throughout the house,” says Tiffany Brooks via HGTV.

Each element and pattern in this room give the right amount of boldness and drama and serenity without feeling too overpowering.  Green adds a slight sense of serenity and tranquility as well. Dining room goals?  I think so!

Click here for a look at the Sherwin-Williams Global Spice Color Palette 

Living Room

living room of the HGTV smart home

Photo courtesy of HGTV

Tranquility At Its Finest

The main living area of the HGTV 2020 Smart Home brings in soothing and calming tones of white and greys that are full of tranquility. There is so much relaxing to be done here, especially while watching TV.  TV placement in this room is key, and there are many tips to achieve this.

“First of all, you don’t want to buy a TV that is too big for a small room.  If you have a massive room, usually hang the TV about 60 inches from the bottom.  If you’re primarily sitting around it, you want to go a little bit lower – hit that 42-inch mark.  And finally, I like to finish this off to add a frame around it or placing it on a swivel,” says Tiffany Brooks via HGTV.

Master Bedroom Suite

The Bedroom

master bedroom of the HGTV smart home

Photo courtesy of HGTV

Luxe Life

The master suite includes loads of details that give us a very relaxing feel.  The upholstered pinstripe headboard is a beauty and soothing to the eye.  Hollywood regal vibes are all throughout this bedroom and we especially love the mix of subtle tones throughout in the draperies.

“Add a floor to ceiling drapery to create somewhat of a false wall.  It gives me the necessary privacy and can add that touch of luxury you need.” says Tiffany Brooks via HGTV

Master Bathroom

master bathroom of the HGTV smart home

Photo courtesy of HGTV

The master bathroom…. too chic for words.  The huge soaking tub, the fabulously patterned shower, and the classic cabinets all combine to provide a feminine-modern feel that adds up to perfection.  The mix of whites, blacks, greys, and the pop of yellow all come together beautifully.  These colors give the bathroom such a relaxing and comforting atmosphere to it.  We could stay in this bathroom the entire day and never want to leave!

Family Living Space

family living room in the HGTV smart home

Photo Courtesy of HGTV

Fashionable Family Time

The combination of bold green walls with the lined rugs and pops of dimension from the pillows and large print creates such a fun game room.  This is a room where families could spend all night together and never get tired of.

“This whole area I am most proud of because it feels like a true-family fun center,” says Tiffany Brooks via HGTV.

A Destination Deck

exterior deck by the HGTV smart home

Photo Courtesy of HGTV

Exterior Deck

This comfy and sleek seating area of the upstairs deck provides the best views for those cozy days and nights.  The mixed patterns and colors of the pillows add a fun element to the cream upholstery.  The added plants around it bring peaceful elements to this deck as well.  We want to spend a crisp, cool night, or a sunny, spring day in this little piece of heaven.

Enter To Win The HGTV Smart Home

Exterior photos of the HGTV Smart Home

Photo Courtesy of HGTV

You can enter the HGTV Smart Home 2020 sweepstakes by visiting HGTV.com or diynetwork.com and filling out one entry form per day.  The last day to enter the sweepstakes  June 12, 2020.  The grand prize winner will be chosen by Sponsor throughout a random drawing and be contacted by phone or email. For more information and contest rules, click here!

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A Very Brady Renovation

When we think of Interior Design, we often talk about designing a space to update it, but sometimes a home renovation means restoring a space back to its glory days. Find out how HGTV worked with the Brady Brunch to recreate the iconic 1960s house

Photo courtesy of HGTV

A Very Brady Renovation on HGTV took the country by storm throughout its four-episode mini-series.  The HGTV show was about the total renovation of a home to restore it back to the beloved Brady Bunch house. The whole renovation took around six months to complete and more than 9,000 working hours. Thanks to the help of the six Brady kids, the transformation is almost a complete replication.


Photo courtesy of HGTV

Property Brothers Jonathan and Drew Scott worked with Peter Brady (Christopher Knight) to recreate the exterior of the Brady home. This dynamic trio matched and updated the exterior paint to the original “Brady Beige” color. Thanks to a surge in popularity of mid-century modern home decor, the exterior of the Brady home could fit in many neighborhoods today.

 Dining Room

Photo courtesy of HGTV

The living room, dining room, and the staircase were designed with the help of Marcia Brady (Maureen McCormick) and Cindy Brady (Susan Olsen). The television sisters and Property Brothers worked hard to make sure the sofa designs kept the vintage vibe throughout the entire room. The mix of green and brown fabrics and dark woods brings that mid-century feel to the entire space.


Photo courtesy of HGTV

The design team says that the reconstruction of the famous avocado green orange kitchen was one of the most enjoyable parts of the renovation. The green paint chosen for the kitchen chairs, cabinets, and refrigerator all resemble the classic look from the Brady Bunch show, even the orange laminate is spot on. The Brady siblings who worked on this kitchen said this part of the reno brought back the most memories. The actors say they spent the most time throughout the show in the Brady kitchen.

 Living Room

Photo courtesy of HGTV

The recreation of the family room shows off the 60’s style wood paneling throughout the space. Daybeds featuring bold, plaid patterns, are a nod to the trends of the time. Adding a pop of color, the light brown leather chairs were added to compliment the red table. The cast says they wanted this room to stay rustic and have a very vintage feel to it.


Photo courtesy of HGTV

The final renovation of the Brady house was the backyard. Greenery was brought in to compliment the classic swingset that was used in the original show.  A teeter-totter and doghouse were also built alongside a mini garden to add color throughout the backyard.  The cast says they loved how the backyard came together as the last part of this amazing renovation.

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