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DIY Basics | Wallpaper 101

With a variety of trendy colors and patterns to choose from, wallpaper poses a fun and funky alternative to paint. Today on the blog, we explain and explore wallpaper terminology, types, and best practices for application.

Interior Design Budgeting Explained: What To Expect, and How To Save

Money can’t buy happiness, but it can buy trendy new home furnishings. When you want to redesign your interior, it’s important to set a budget and manage your expectations so you don’t end up in the red after your interior design project. Vishion brings you tips on how to budget for your next design project.

Everything You Need To Know About Virtual Open Houses

In states throughout the US, open houses and private home tours have been suspended due to the COVID-19 pandemic, leaving prospective buyers and sellers to explore virtual alternatives. These tips will help you navigate the new frontier of open houses and stage your space for a virtual showing. 

A User’s Guide to Color-Pattern Compromise

Achieving a balance between your favorite colors and preferred patterns is a cardinal element of interior design. In this guide, we explain the importance of color-pattern compromise and how professional designers are bringing colors and patterns together in a beautiful way.

Painting 101 | Vishion’s Guide to Painting

Are you looking for a new project to spice up your space? Giving your home a fresh coat of paint may be just what it needs to make it look new again. When giving your home an updated look, there are just a few things to keep in mind to make it look professionally painted. 

Vishion’s Guide to DIY

You may know that DIY stands for do-it-yourself, but what else do you know about the bourgeoning world of DIY?

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