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Building Color Palettes from Stories

The Sherwin-Williams curated palette of the week focuses on the colors that bring our stories to life. The Raconteur palette pulls inspiration from desert oases, safaris and spice markets.

Aficionado Palette: colors inspired by tweed and ’60s nostalgia

The curated palette of the week from Sherwin-Williams showcases shades of brown and purple inspired by aficionados.

8 Designs Curated for Pantone’s Earthy Palette

Pantone’s palette, which steals tones found in nature, is popular in interior design

Designs in Sherwin-William’s Enthusiast Palette

The primary colors in Sherwin-Williams Enthusiast palette can be overwhelming, but we’ve gathered designs to show you how professionals put the bright colors to use in a room.

7 Interior Designs inspired by a Botanical Palette

Pantone’s palette of the week in the Vishion app features the colors seen in a desert sunset. See how professional designs have used these colors in their space.

High Point Market Spotlight: Alfonso Marina

Alfonso Marina showed just how rich neutral color palettes can be in their 2019 High Point Market showroom.

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