Designing in Pantone’s Focal Point

Pantone’s palette of the week features a sophisticated and upscale take on Color of the Year 2019: Living Coral. Keep reading to find out how the Focal Point palette is being used in home designs. 


Pantone’s Focal Point palettes features a striking contrast between Living Coral and an amalgamation of warm earth tonessuch as Storm Gray, Martini Olive, and Twill. The result is a palette that exudes warmth and energy while maintaining a sense of maturity and refinement. Below, you’ll find our inspirational guide, featuring designs and products inspired by the Focal Point color palette. 

Designs in Focal Point

The rich jewel tones featured in the Focal Point palette are meant to make a statement, but curating a design that will stand the test of time hinges on striking a balance. For a design that’s both approachable and impactful, pair bold hues like Forest Biome and Golden Lime with muted neutrals like Twill and Storm Gray.

Goliath Collection via Apt2b


“The richness of every-day-life seems to land right here, here in this informal dining area. Swing included.” – Jeff Schlarb designed this living room with a hand-painted wall mural. Photo by Aubrie Pick.


The Nomad Collection via Mitchell-Black


Clarke & Clarke Collection via Kravet

Products in Focal Point

Furniture and accents are the perfect way to explore and experiment with the diverse color range featured in the Focal Point palette. Below, you’ll find some products that incorporate colors from Focal Point. 

Summer Vines Pillowcase Set via Boll & Branch


Afia Sofa in Sapphire Marine via Lulu and Georgia


“The Raven” Lithographic Print by Claus Hoie via Sotheby’s Home


Using Vishion to Explore this Color Palette

Are you curious about how Vishion can help you explore Focal Point or any of your favorite Pantone colors? Get started by downloading the Vishion app.
With the app, users can upload images that inspire them to create an inspiration board. Then, users can pull colors from these images and search for specific furniture, home decor, and complementary color palettes. Here’s how it works with Focal Point:

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