At Vishion, we love finding new interior designers to help inspire you in your own home. Each week in the Vishion Designer Spotlight, we strive to show you all designers that inspire us to move out of our comfort zones and try something new in our home. Meet the designers from Transition State, Regional Winners of the Vishion Design Awards Competition

Transition State

A crisp, clean design, partnered with natural accents and a hint of moody color, makes designs by Transition State beautifully pristine. Regional winner of the Vishion Design Award competition, Transition State has carved out a unique niche in the residential and commercial design space. Merging their knowledge of fashion and interiors, this boutique studio has established a reputation for artful and collected style with a signature sense of laid back luxury.

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A conversation with Lauren Schneider, Jenna Rochon and Kelli Riley of Transition State

Tell me about your design business. Where are you and your clients located and what type of design to you primarily focus on

We are a full-service design studio and boutique label based in Los Angeles and led by partners Lauren Schneider, Jenna Rochon, and Kelli Riley. With diverse expertise in the fashion, commercial and residential luxury markets, together we believe we have carved out a niche for those who value artful and collected style with a signature sense of California laid back luxury.

Photo and Design by Transition State

What is the most important aspect of any successful interior design? Why do you feel like color is an important element in a space

Color evokes feelings and emotions more than any other design element.  We tend to use colors that are less saturated and muted, which we believe will stand the test of time and outlast “color of the moment” trends.  We love to layer in different textures within a color family to create drama and depth.  For example, we used a dark grey Portola Paint on the surrounding walls of a powder room to match the charcoal tile and charcoal sconces.  If you are going for a dark, moody moment, we are all about leaning in and going for it.

Tell me about a recent project you loved

One of our favorite projects to date was a recently completed renovation in Brentwood, CA. The home was built in 1937 as a sprawling one-story Spanish hacienda estate. The second you step on the property, it has an old-world

Photo and Design by Transition State

feel while still feeling updated and modern. It had been renovated numerous times by previous owners throughout the years, which resulted in a mix match of finishes and some design decisions that hadn’t felt too thought out. It was important to our client to think through the design before we started construction on how to make everything work together seamlessly. This particular client had such amazing taste, which made the process so collaborative and fun. She was not afraid to take risks, which pushed us out of our comfort zone as well.


What design challenges did you have, how did you address them?

We purchased a lot of vintage pieces through 1st Dibs and worked with a lot of overseas vendors on this project, which came with its challenges. With vintage, you never fully know the condition until you see it in person, so there were some scary moments of “pulling the trigger” on some pieces. Most of the lighting came from overseas and had to be re-wired once it arrived in the states, which was nerve-wracking with our already tight deadlines. Thankfully we made fast friends with a local lighting shop who was able to get it all done for us in a few days.

Photo and Design by Transition State

Please tell us about the colors used in the color palette. Be as specific as possible.

For this project, we stuck to a monochromatic palette in earthy tone colors and layered in textures to bring warmth—lots of browns, creams, and blacks.  We love working with fabrics and unique hands as well as working steps in color families to allow the tones to vary while sitting in the same family. 

What do you see as the hottest color and design trends of 2020

We are loving monochromatic color stories and sticking to one color and playing up the high/lows with different textures.

Contact Transition State

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