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2020 Trend Watch| Antique Furnishings

This year, antique and traditional furnishings are forecasted to be especially trendy. Today on the blog, we’re talking antiques, where to find them, and things to keep in mind when shopping for one-of-a-kind treasures.

New Year’s Trend Watch: Modern and Elegant Black Interiors 

As we close out 2019, Vishion is looking ahead to some 2020 trends. This new year, black is making a color statement, in a big way. Today on the blog, Vishion explores how professional designers are using black in their interior designs and how readers can follow suit.


Black is one of those colors that never goes out of style. That being said, how we use the color black has changed over the years. It has always been a popular choice for home accents and finishings, but 2020’s trend forecast calls for more. Think: black furniture, black accent walls, black and white bathrooms, and all-black kitchens. This article explores some insights on the appeal of black in interior design, as well as eight professionally designed interiors that incorporate black in a trend-forward way.

Tweeter Wallpaper via Mitchell-Black

Why are we drawn to black?

According to color psychology, black is associated with notions such as power, authority, elegance, and formality. According to the ancient practices of Feng Shui, black carries an energy of mystery, sophistication, strength, and depth. 

Balancing Dark Colors in a Space

The key to pulling off black in a room or any size is to counter it with plenty of bright and bold accents. Another way to do this is by employing colors such as cream and beige, which will prevent the space from looking too dark. 

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Design Spotlight: Nomad Collection from Mitchell Black

At Vishion we are always on the lookout for decor brands that know how to put color to work. Mitchell Black is just such a brand. Here is a look back at one or our favorites, the Nomad Collection they released in 2017: a selection of high-design wallpapers and bamboo floor mats, inspired by various vintage Asian, North African, and Austrian tile and textiles. 

Want to Sleep in the Barbie Dreamhouse?

Barbie has listed her glamorous Malibu Dreamhouse on Airbnb and we found all the best design inspirations from this epic collaboration. 

Designer Trend: Green Kitchens

Green has been on-trend for the last few years and is predicted to be popular in the years to come. Today on the blog, we explore how professional designers are using shades of green in their kitchen designs and how readers can follow suit.

Fall Trend Watch: Pretty in Plaid 

Plaid is a pattern that tends to err on the side of traditionalbut this year, we’re seeing a fresher, simpler take on the classic textile. 


Though plaid is something of a mainstay pattern in our fall and winter wardrobes, in the realm of interior design, it can sometimes come off dated. That said, this season’s take on plaid is modern and tonal, reading geometric rather than busy. Today on the blog we’re talking plaid, how professionals are using the classic pattern in their interior designswith some great samples from Kravet.

St Petersburg Plaid, Peony via Kravet

Kravet Basics via Kravet

Preciados, Azul via Kravet

Two Ways to Design with Plaid

Current trendiness aside, plaid is one of those patterns that’s endured. In the realm of interior design, it’s not uncommon to encounter a plaid accent or two; perhaps in the form of a cozy throw blanket or an accent pillow. This fall and winter, the trend forecast calls for, not only more plaid but plaid-centric designs.


Plaid can be used as a jumping-off point in design or as a finishing touch. In the examples below you’ll see how plaid can be used in a large format way to make an impact or in a smaller way, to tie the colors from the rest of the room together.


Creating a Vishion Board

With the Vishion app, users can upload images that inspire them to create an inspiration board. Then, users can pull colors from these images and search for specific furniture, home decor, and complementary color palettes. 


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