Designer Spotlight | Michelle Ford

At Vishion, we love finding interior designers to help inspire you in your own home. We strive to show you all designers that inspire us to move out of our comfort zones and try something new in our home. Meet the insurance whiz turned designer Michelle Ford, this week’s Designer Spotlight.

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Designer Spotlight: Jarrett Design

At Vishion, we love finding interior designers to help inspire you in your own home. Each week in the Vishion Designer Spotlight, we strive to show you all designers who inspire us to move out of our comfort zones and try something new in our home. Meet Jill from Jarrett Design. Located in Pennsylvania’s Lehigh Valley.

Jarrett Design

White cabinets and kitchen counters with cutting boards and plants

Photo and Design by Jarrett Design

What is the most important aspect of any successful interior design?

I believe the most important aspect is the designer’s ability to listen carefully to their clients, translating their words into enhanced versions of their visions that exceed expectations and achieve delight.

Let’s talk about color! How do you like to use color in a space? What challenges do you face when using color?

Ahh, color!  I am a self-proclaimed, neutral monochromatist.  I adore calm spaces for myself and in my designs.  I applaud bold use of color by others.  My biggest challenge is my own boring, fearful ‘engineer’ brain. As I get older, my creative side is winning more often, which is such fun!

Tell me about a recent project you loved. What design challenges did you have with this design, how did you address them?

Wooden dining room table with chandelier and teal china cabinet

Photo and Design by Jarrett Design

I love our Central Park Serenity project, but angles are not our friends.  The sink wall with dishwasher required careful installation consideration. Our design called for the removal of two walls, one separating the kitchen from the sitting area and another at the end of the bar.  Both turned out to have posts that we had to creatively conceal, one in the middle of the space.  We were all a bit concerned about how these posts would impact the space, but in the end, they disappear amidst all of the surrounding beauty.

Can you tell me specifics about the paint colors or brands used in this space?

Benjamin Moore Sweatshirt Gray and Benjamin Moore Gray Cloud

What do you see as the hottest color and design trends of 2020?

White furniture with bookshelf outside of kitchen

Photo and Design by Jarrett Design

While the grey trend continues in the kitchen and bath world, people are craving coziness with a side of adventure. Whites and greys are warmer. Stained woods are being reinvented in lighter tones with texture. Layers of multiple colors in one space are gaining popularity, especially in kitchens.

How has your design business changed in the time of Coronavirus? What challenges have you faced and how are you working to overcome them?

As a team, we took full advantage of our quarantine days! We analyzed everything from our business management practices to the client experience. We updated our documents, overhauled internal collaboration methods, developed a killer client presentation, and added virtual design services. We organized and remodeled parts of our studio and decided to purchase our building to allow us to expand. We established relationships to add products to our repertoire and ordered samples of our favorite materials. The biggest challenge for us has been keeping up with increased demand, which just means working more hours.  With more time spent at home and fewer outlets for spending, people are improving their living spaces more than ever, certainly a silver lining for us.

Is there anything else you would love readers to know about you?

Bathroom with white tile, teal cabinets, and duel mirrors

Photo and Design by Jarrett Design

I love what I do!

What is the best way to contact you for a design consultation?

Feel free to call my studio – 610-421-8183, or contact me through my website www.jarrettdesignllc.com.

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LIGHTING 101 | Vishion’s Guide to Lighting Your Home

When it comes to the ambiance of your space, interior lighting is everything. But it doesn’t just affect your aesthetic, it can also drastically affect your mood. On today’s blog, we explain the different types of lighting and explore how to choose the perfect fixtures for a well-lit home.

Modern lighting in kitchen with white, marble counters

Kitchen Lighting by Lightology and Jeffco Development

For many homeowners, lighting is just an afterthought.  But, as many professionals know, lighting is fundamental for any interior design. It’s easy for people to be intimidated when it comes to choosing the best fixtures for their homes, so we created this foolproof guide to help eliminate that stress and make sure you have a well-lit home.

Color Temperature

Color temperature describes a light’s color appearance and indicates the look and feel of what its light will provide.

Light is measured in degrees Kelvin (K), on a scale from 1,000 to 10,000. A lower number means that the light will appear more yellow and high numbers mean that the light will be more blue-white. Typically, commercial and residential lighting is between 2000K and 6500K. 

To figure out what color temperature is right for you, it’s helpful to understand the three main categories of light: 

Warm Lighting

This color temperature ranges from 2000K-3000K and offers a cozy, inviting ambiance. Table and floor lamps, wall lanterns, and pendants are best suited for this type of lighting.

Neutral Lighting

This type of lighting is often bright and vibrant, emitting a cool white glow. Its color temperature range is between 3100K-4500K. This lighting works best in basements, garages, or work environments.

Cool Lighting

Any lighting above 4500K offers a color temperature closer to that of daylight. This lively and uplifting light is best used in display areas, security lighting, and task lighting.

Types of Lighting

When it comes to figuring out the best kind of lighting for your space, it’s important to understand the three main types: ambient lighting, task lighting, and accent lighting. 

Ambient (or General) lighting 

Indoor ambient lighting is used to light up an entire room. Its visibility ensures safety and ease of traffic by illuminating as much of the space as possible, such as chandeliers, LED downlights, and floor or table lamps. 

Outdoor ambient lighting allows for increased visibility and safety near buildings. Illuminating the exterior of buildings, stairwells, and entrances through spotlights, canopy lighting, and post lanterns, can eliminate possible injury.

Task lighting 

Task lighting helps illuminate certain tasks, like cooking, reading, or writing since brighter light is required for increased visibility. Task lighting is directed to a certain area for a sharper focus on detail, so it’s best to avoid harsh lights that can create shadows. Desk lamps and pendant lights provide task lighting.

Accent lighting

Accent lighting focuses on features and specific points of interest to draw attention to an object or area. This type of lighting can add a dramatic effect and gives the impression of a larger space. Typically, accent lighting is used to highlight plants, art, or architecture. To best incorporate effective accent lighting, use three times more light on the focal point than ambient light would generally provide. Examples of accent lighting are track lights, wall-mounted fixtures, and directional recessed lighting.

Lighting Guide For Different Rooms

Most designers will tell you to layer your light sources. To create the most aesthetically pleasing room, incorporate a combination of accent, task, and ambient light. Depending on the room and its role, you will need different types of lighting. Here are some standard room-by-room lighting layouts to help inspire your interior design.

Utility Rooms

The best lighting for utility rooms is ambient and recessed lighting. Utility rooms also require task lighting, like pendants or track lighting to illuminate workspaces and appliances, such as your washers and dryers.


Since entryways are used so often by family and guests, it’s best to use a dramatic pendant light or chandelier to provide ample visibility. If you have decor or artwork, consider using an accent light to highlight the feature.


Kitchens are used for many things other than cooking, such as for work and socialization. This room requires lots of ambient light as well as some task lighting. It’s best to use recessed lighting to brighten the space while adding undercabinet lights around sinks and stoves to benefit work surfaces and add interest. Pendant lights or chandeliers should be used to lighten up kitchen islands or tables.

Dining Rooms

The dining room is typically the easiest to light and its fixtures should be elegant and alluring. People tend to use chandeliers or pendant lighting above their dining room tables. If there are dark corners, wall scones or floor or table lamps can help to brighten them up.

Living Rooms

Since this room usually gets the most use, it’s essential to have lighting that works best for you. Track or recessed lighting is recommended for this room. Floor lamps are best to illuminate the dark corners in this room. Consider using dimmable light to adjust the ambiance of your living room. Also, keep in mind the placement of your TV to ensure there is no glare on the screen from lights.


For many, lighting in the bedroom is a personal preference. Generally, an overhead light source accompanied by lamps on nightstands or dressers will provide ample ambient and task lighting. Adding a dimmer to this room would help control the lighting levels to match your mood.


As more people increasingly find themselves working from home, the need for a home office space has grown in importance. It’s recommended that the main source of light should come from overhead or recessed lighting. Depending on the color of your office, you may need to bring in more ambient light. To incorporate task lighting, use a desk lamp for your main workspace.

Other Things To Consider

  • Dimming controls help to create ambiance and also save energy
  • Natural light will affect lighting levels within a room. It can also positively affect your health so utilize it as much as possible
  • Depending on your desired atmosphere, use lighter color temperature to create a more inviting space. Reflective surfaces, such as mirrors, help contribute to a brighter appearance

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