Supporting “Do It Yourself” Homeowners with Experts

In response to COVID-19, Vishion is giving our users more virtual design tools. This summer, we are putting our color search and home planning tool on the web and launching a Pro Version. We’re also hosting another Virtual Market with experts to discuss business strategies and how to use virtual tools like the NEW Vishion Pro.

Supporting The Interior Design Community

When COVID-19 closed the country down for business in March, the Vishion team took a step back to see how we can best help those we serve: the design community.

More than 1,000 attendees took part in Virtual Market last month for expert-led LIVE on the future of home interior design. Attendees learned techniques to adapt to our virtual-only reality, with many evaluating additional ways to make money as their projects slowed down. We listened to the struggles and concerns of the home specialists and quickly went to work to make Vishion a more valuable tool for the design community.

The Vishion team has been working hard to launch our app on the web. Anyone can search by color on the web starting this week and, by June, access Vishion social. Our biggest change though will be the July launch of Vishion’s Pro Version; an advanced communication and billing tool to connect home experts with small projects.

Big Changes in the Way We Work

COVID-19 has not only shifted the way we communicate, but also how we can conduct business. The design community is learning to adapt to this fully-virtual reality, with many professionals altering their existing offerings to include e-services.

Considering the decrease or freeze in large projects, but large spike in home improvement and e-design services, we are creating a new platform to help the design community connect with homeowners that need help on smaller projects. We are calling this service Vishion Pro. 

Vishion Pro

“Many interior designers have already shifted their business strategies to include e-design offerings. Vishion is stepping up to embrace this new way of doing business by providing a medium to connect with homeowners looking for advice, consultations, or small project help from home design specialists they trust.” – Samantha Smith, CEO and Founder of Vishion

We’ve focused all of our efforts on assisting design professionals to find products by color through our app. In February, Vishion launched a social platform so the design community can share their portfolio and stories. We were even covered in Architectural Digest!

Our platform’s functionality positioned us perfectly for our next feature: connecting DIYers with Home Specialists. The Beta of Vishion Pro, launching this summer, will be limited to 250 hand-selected home specialists until our official launch in the fall.

From “Do It Yourself” to “Do It With”

Many homeowners follow their favorite designers, stylists, contractors, or home stagers on social media to gain inspiration for what they could potentially do in their homes. Those inspirational people can feel out-of-reach, whether it’s concern over accessibility or high costs. Vishion believes if homeowners know they can consult their favorite home specialists on smaller projects for a reasonable cost, they will.

Many DIYers need help from experts on tasks to take their home updates from “good” to “great”. While all DIY projects could be perfected with the assistance of an expert, we see homeowners looking for help with:

  • Design or layout of a room
  • How to best use and organize small spaces
  • Selecting the best colors to use for specific spaces
  • Redesigning kitchens and bathroom
  • Updating backyard spaces
  • Product selection

Vishion believes we can be the bridge to connect homeowners who need help with home specialists who can help. That is why our startup is creating a way for home specialists to find and manage these projects with Vishion Pro.

Coming Soon

Vishion Pro BETA

Vishion will select 250 professionals to partake in the Beta of Vishion Pro this July. Vishion is looking for interior designers, stylists, stagers, contractors, and landscape specialists who:

  • Have a proven track record as a well-reviewed design professional
  • Can work fully-virtual
  • Have a pricing package for consultations and small projects

If you’re interested in being on the Vishion Pro Beta, let us know by filling out this form. We will be highlighting our Pros in June in preparation for our July launch to show homeowners how they can improve their projects with experts on Vishion.

We are holding another Virtual Market to prepare the design community to take advantage of Vishion Pro. During Virtual Market, home specialists will learn how to create and price e-design packages and services, as well as techinques to up-sell to make more money.

Virtual Market II

Vishion launched the free Virtual Market in April to help the design community come together digitally during the coronavirus pandemic. The closing of showrooms and cancellation of events like High Point Market inspired Vishion to create Virtual Market, providing a platform for the design community to connect and learn.

In our first Virtual Market, we had sessions on topics such as:

To view all of the virtual sessions from the previous Virtual Market, vishion www.vishion.co/virtualsessions.

We will be announcing the sessions for the next market in the upcoming weeks. The goal of Virtual Market II is to focus on strategies and techniques to help design business owners survive COVID. Vishion will bring together panels to discuss topics like e-Design package strategies, techniques for up-selling and ways to create buzz through referral programs.

Stay in the loop for Virtual Market II by signing up for updates on our Virtual Market page.

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