Finding decor matching Pantone’s “Under the Sea” Palette

 Pantone’s vibrant Under the Sea palette can be used to find brilliant decor with Vishion.

Room design often begins with color. Once you know your palette for a space, the search for decor items that match can be challenging and time-consuming. The Vishion app makes this process much easier, especially when starting with a single item and a Pantone color palette.

Starting Small

As we begin our designs, we like to start with a single item that sparks inspiration and work from there. We can use the colors from this item to find other pieces that match. For a room we are working on, we’ve started with Emily Daw’s Magnolia Pillow cover. The multi-colored print is a designer favorite and the perfect piece to base our design on.

Magnolia Pillow Cover, Emily Daws

Working with Pantone’s “Under the Sea” palette, we pulled Sea Pink, Blue Depths, and Living Coral from the print to use as the base colors. Instead of falling into the depths of the Internet trying to search for a “dark blue couch,” we can use the Vishion app to find matching décor.


Finding Products in This Palette

By uploading a photo of the pillow, we can target the specific colors we want and pull them out. Vishion will then start a product search with each color. Our new color search technology saves time since it finds matches in your preferred Pantone colors in minutes (or less.)


We also work with many of your favorite retailers to provide furniture and decor items that pair with their selected colors. Below you will find a variety of products that are available on the Vishion app that match the colors of this Pantone palette.

Novette Sofa from Arhaus

Peonies at the Farmers Market by Paige Wallis, From Zatista

Roxy Ottoman from Arhaus

Flor Wall Clock by Cloudnola, From Apt2B

Bogart Accent Chair from Apt2B

Arabesque by Edward Zelinsky, From Zatista

The Palette in Action

Put together, these bold colors work to create a fun environment suggestive of a tropical paradise. Check out these examples that showcase how interior designers have used these colors and how you can use them in your own designs!

Design by Gary McBournie, photo by Annie Schlechter



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Design by Margaret Naeve, photo by Max Burkhalter



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Photo from Domino



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Designing in Pantone Colors of Desert Sunset

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