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Designing in Pantone’s Shimmering Sunset

This week, the Vishion app features Pantone’s Shimmering Sunset palette: a sun-kissed selection of radiant oranges, yellows, pinks, and purple. Keep reading to find out how professional designers are putting this palette to use.

Retro living room design with cabinet and radio along with green plants and blank paintings, white wall

Designing in Sherwin-Williams’ Alive

Sherwin-Williams’ palette of the week takes its cues from nature’s neutrals and Southwestern design. In this article, we explore how professional designers are incorporating Sherwin-Williams’ Alive into their designs. 

Building Color Palettes from Stories

The Sherwin-Williams curated palette of the week focuses on the colors that bring our stories to life. The Raconteur palette pulls inspiration from desert oases, safaris and spice markets.

Finding decor matching Pantone’s “Under the Sea” Palette

 Pantone’s vibrant Under the Sea palette can be used to find brilliant decor with Vishion.

Our Cave: Decorating in our Favorite Football Colors

We want to create “Our Cave”, a place to watch football and movies, in our favorite football teams colors

Designing in Sherwin-Williams Naturalist Palette

Sherwin-Williams Naturalist palette pulls together the colors of mushroom, luscious greens, and floral pinks. See how Vishion can help you showcase these colors of nature into your home.

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