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Style Report from The Emmys | Governors Ball Color Palette

Vishion gets access to the 71st Emmy Awards Governors Ball after-party color palette from our friends at Habitat LA. 

Designing in Pantone’s Palette of the Week: Intrigue

Pantone’s palette of the week is mysterious, whimsical, and unconventional—without sacrificing approachability. This article outlines how professional designers are integrating the Intrigue color palette into their designs. 

Designing in Sherwin-Williams Play Palette

This Sherwin Williams’ palette of the week is all about the fun as it features a collection of energetic and bright colors that brings amusement to any space. We’ve gathered design examples and products to show how you can bring these animated colors into your designs.

Bringing Earth’s Seasonal Cycles into your Space with Sherwin-Williams’ Haven 

The Sherwin-Williams palette of the week is inspired by Earth’s seasonal cycles. In this article, we explore designs that incorporate the soothing hues of Haven in interiors. 

Sherwin-Williams Predicts These Colors Will Bring Serenity to your Space in 2020

Sherwin-Williams’ Mantra palette takes its cues from the chic simplicity of Nordic design and the timeless elegance of Japanese aesthetics. Keep reading to find out how professional designers are incorporating this sophisticated blend of muted hues into their designs.

Designing in Pantone’s Focal Point

Pantone’s palette of the week features a sophisticated and upscale take on Color of the Year 2019: Living Coral. Keep reading to find out how professional designers are incorporating the Focal Point palette into their designs. 

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