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8 Eye-Popping Designs in Pantone’s Most Brilliant Colors

Pantone’s palette of the week features an unadulterated medley of deeply saturated colors, including Living Coral. We’ve gathered 8 designs to show you how designers are incorporating the brilliant colors into their designs. 

Designing with Pantone’s Sympatico Palette

This Pantone palette of the week features a mixture of warm and soft pinks and neutrals. In this post, we’ll show you how Vishion can help showcase the colors of Pantone’s Sympatico palette in your designs.


The pink-focused palette fuses together a range of pinks and neutral colors to create a warm atmosphere that can light up any room. We’ve compiled room designs and products that show how you can bring the colors of the Pantone Sympatico palette into your own designs. 


Pantone Palette: Sympatico



Sympatico in designs

Seeing how professional designers have showcased this color palette can serve as helpful inspiration when you’re in the beginning stages of design.  We’ve pulled together a collection of examples to show how designers have combined these colors to create colorful and fun spaces. 




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Closet design by Summer Thornton



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Prints by Anne-Sophie Tschiegg; design by Greenhouse Interiors



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Print by Morgan Jamieson; design by Greenhouse Interiors

Products in Pantone’s Sympatico Palette

Vishion users can take specific Pantone colors to start a search for products from a variety of retailers. Whether you’re looking for accent chairs, sofas, tables, or wall decorations, you can find it on the Vishion app. Below, you will find products from the app that match these colors of the Sympatico palette.

Walton Chair from Apt2B


Bedding from Eastern Accents


Credenza by Georgiana Paraschiv

Kipton Sofa from Arhaus

Pink Lipstick Row by Amanda Greenwood from Apt2B

Inspiration from art

SpaceFrog Designs Desert Mountain from Apt2B

With the app, designers can upload images that inspire them to create an inspiration board. Then, users can pull colors from these images and search for specific furniture, home decor, and complementary color palettes. How it works with the Pantone Sympatico Palette:

Save your favorite colors with the Vishion app.


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7 questions with Charlotte designer Kira Kurc


Five Easy Steps to Style a Dorm Room

Back-to-school season has begun and with it comes a need for dorm room inspiration. 

If you are searching for the perfect dorm room inspiration but don’t know where to start-you’re not alone. We’re bringing you a step-by-step guide on how to create modern and colorful dorm room designs that will have you hitting the books in style. We didn’t forget about the guys, because guys’ rooms can be just as colorful and blog-worthy as the girls.  So forget Christmas lights and laptop decals and scroll below for some serious dorm room design.

Step 1.

Choose a dorm room color palette (that you and your roommate agree on).

The best way to select a basic color palette is to start by looking at the color wheel. Choose eye-pleasing colors that suit your personality.   Stick with 2-4 basic colors from the same or similar families and choose no more than 1-2 colors that aren’t in the same color family but which complement your original choices.  You might even want to use your school colors as an inspiration as most schools follow the age-old color wheel complementary color code of conduct.

Step 2.

Add some interest to your wall and desk.

Dorm room walls are anything but interesting.   They are often cement slabs covered in layers of old paint.  Don’t forget that peel and stick wallpaper will work on smooth surfaces.  Make sure to wipe your walls with a damp towel and give it some time to dry before application.

If you don’t have smooth walls or peel and stick wallpaper won’t work, add it to your dresser or even desk for a pop of color and design!

Step 3.

Make your bed.

The biggest focal point of your dorm room will be your bed.  So take the advice your mother has been giving you for the past 18 years of your life and MAKE YOUR BED.  It’ll make the entire room feel inviting and finished.  Use colorful or textured throw pillows to add interest to your design. And when they’re not on your bed, you can use them as extra seating for guests.

Step 4.

Go bold with your dorm room headboard.

Sourced from @holistichabitatclt

There are lots of headboards available for dorm rooms nowadays.  As stated above, your bed will be the focal point of your room so whatever you choose will help you define the look of your dorm room.  I recently fell in love with these pillow headboards from Holistic Habitat.

Step 5.


Dorm rooms are small so organization is key! Using every and any space available will enable you to make the most of your small space. Think wall hooks, under the bed organizers, closet organizers, and hat racks!

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